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Chapter 922: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (22)

 Chapter 922: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (22)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

There was a nonchalant tone in his voice, but his words were like a thunderous shock, splitting Xie Siyao's mind.

What the hell is Yang Li saying? He actually said Qian Ge drugged me on the night I slept with Yang Li, Qian Ge took the photos Chen Mingda threw at me, and Qian Ge sent them to him...?

What the hell is all this? What's more, how could Yang Li tell it like that?

Qian Ge would never do that to me... Am I just hearing things?

With that, Xie Siyao raised her hand and forcefully rubbed her earlobes. Then she continued listening to the conversation between the two people at the emergency exit.

In comparison to her shock from earlier, the stranger's voice could be described as horror-struck. "No way?! Qian Ge really did that? Is she that ruthless and conniving? She even sold out her best friend?!"

Yang Li probably thought the use of the two words "best friends" was laughable because he snorted twice. "What friendship is there between Qian Ge and Xie Siyao? Xie Siyao's pretty stupid for getting betrayed by Qian Ge and not even knowing it. She even helped with her investments. All Xie Siyao does all day is show off her boyfriend, Prince Chen, telling everyone how well he treats her. Little did she know that someone was thinking about him long before she started showing Prince Chen off. Qian Ge did these things to break up Xie Siyao and Chen Mingda so she could take over," he continued.

Take over... What does that mean? Don't tell me Qian Ge and Mingda...

Xie Siyao couldn't help but purse her lips tightly.

Behind the emergency exit, Yang Li didn't know someone was eavesdropping just outside in the hallway, so he continued chatting while smoking with his friend. "Think about it. Qian Ge ran to Chen Mingda and pretended to help him. She said a bunch of crap about Xie Siyao just so Chen Mingda's impression of Qian Ge could skyrocket in his heart. Chen Mingda, who now thinks Xie Siyao is a hoe, naturally ignored her, and he has no reason to deal with me anymore. After all, I didn't force Xie Siyao into bed - Xie Siyao did it willingly."

"Not to mention... Qian Ge's plan really wasn't half bad. Did you know Qian Ge recently took on quite a few jobs? Most of them were invested in by Chen Enterprises... Prince Chen definitely helped her get them..."

Has Qian Ge recently taken up a lot of jobs?

Since her miscarriage, she hadn't really paid attention to work at the studio, so after she heard what Yang Li said, the heart of Xie Siyao's brows furrowed furiously.

As though by reflex, after she heard what Yang Li said, she lifted the hem of her dress and darted back into the dining hall.

She turned and scanned the hall full of people for a while before she found someone who worked at her and Qian Ge's studio. Xie Siyao walked up to her, grabbed her arm without a care for the person she was talking to, and dragged her to an isolated area.

"Xie Jie, what hap-"

Xie Siyao didn't hold back; she dived right to the main point. "Has Qian Ge recently taken on many jobs?"

"Yeah. For some reason, Qian Jie's luck has been amazing. She bagged a number of endorsements, two dramas, and a major movie. She went to some auditions and easily got the roles!"