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Chapter 920: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (20)

 Chapter 920: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (20)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Having seen the female celebrity's nod, Qian Ge silently lowered her eyelids, raised her wine glass and took a sip.

When she lifted her head again, Ji Yi and the female celebrity had already left the restaurant. She turned her head and circled the restaurant to find Yang Li. Thereafter, she walked over to Yang Li with her wine glass in hand.

There were several people standing next to Yang Li. When he saw Qian Ge walking over, he immediately introduced her.

Out of politeness, Qian Ge clinked glasses with each of them.

When she came over, there wasn't much wine left in her glass. After barely two sips, she was able to see the bottom of the glass.

Just as she was about to see if there were any attendants passing by to pick up her glass, Yang Li already had an untouched glass of wine in his hand. He handed it to Qian Ge. "I haven't drunk it yet. I'll grab another glass later."

People in front of Qian Ge were waiting to clink glasses with her, so when Qian Ge heard Yang Li say this, she replied, "Thank you." Then she reached out to take it.

After she finished greeting everyone in the circle, Qian Ge continued to chat with several of them before she turned and looked over at Yang Li. "There's something I want to talk to you about."

Yang Li apologized to several celebrities in the vicinity before excusing himself and walking over to an isolated area.

"It's done. Xiao Yang brought her upstairs..."

Yang Li didn't wait for Qian Ge to finish speaking as he interrupted her by saying, "I kinda want to go to the restroom. If possible, walk with me. There are so many people around, so let's talk about it after we step outside."

Qian Ge didn't think there was anything weird about what Yang Li said, so she nodded gently. An attendant happened to walk by, so Qian Ge put her glass down then chatted about frivolous things as she walked with Yang Li out of the restaurant.

Seeing that there wasn't anyone in the hallway on the way to the restroom, she resumed their discussion about their earlier topic. "...Look for Xiao Yang later on the eighth floor. Xiao Yang will give you a key card to the room. The medicine should've kicked in by now... remember what you promised me. You have to send me the recording right away. Record a high definition video first, send it to Xiao Yang, then continue doing what you want to do. There are so many people at tonight's charity gala. I want to broadcast the video here later..."


After being discharged from the hospital after her miscarriage, Xie Siyao hadn't left home.

If she hadn't heard Chen Mingda would be attending the BL charity evening tonight, she wouldn't have gone.

Even if she and Chen Mingda hadn't seen each other for half a month, Xie Siyao felt it was as long as half a century.

From what she remembered, Chen Mingda didn't look any different - he was as well-dressed and charming as usual. The only thing that changed was that he was acting as though she didn't exist, even when she was standing in front of him. He continued to chat and laugh with the people around him.

In the midst of it all, although she chatted with Qian Ge for a while, her attention was always drawn towards Chen Mingda.

When she snapped back to reality, she had no idea where Qian Ge had gone as she wasn't at the restaurant anymore. Chen Mingda, who was deep in conversation with others, pulled his phone out from his pocket and took a glance at his phone screen. It wasn't clear who had texted him, but a hint of a smile appeared in his eyes. He raised his glass, clinked glasses with each and every person around him then turned around and headed towards the restaurant doors like he was going to leave.

Before Xie Siyao could react, she had already walked over to Chen Mingda to block his path.