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Chapter 919: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (19)

 Chapter 919: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (19)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen heard what the producer said and his first reaction wasn't to look at Ji Yi but to look over at the liveliest section of the party.

There we many people standing next to Qian Ge. Everybody was chatting away, but she held her smile and didn't utter a word. When she raised her glass of wine for a sip, she lifted her eyelids and glanced over at He Jichen and Ji Yi's direction.

When he caught her gaze, He Jichen brought his eyes back to Ji Yi's face as though he hadn't seen a thing. With warm eyes and low voice, he said, "I'll be right back."

"Mhm ok," replied Ji Yi with a smile.

He Jichen got up and glanced at the producer, who was waiting beside them. After he started walking, He Jichen caught up to the producer, unhurried.

The moment He Jichen left, a third-rate female celebrity, who once worked with Ji Yi, walked over with two glasses of wine.

"Ji Jie, I looked all over for you! So here you are..." The female celebrity smiled kindly as she spoke and handed one of the wine glasses to Ji Yi.

As she was preparing for her pregnancy, Ji Yi shook her head at the female celebrity and apologetically said, "I'm not drinking alcohol."

"Ah, I see..." The female celebrity glanced at the glass of almost-finished fresh fruit juice in front of Ji Yi then placed the two glasses of wine down on the table. "...Then I'll help you get a new glass of fresh fruit juice."

"No thanks. I can do it myself..." Ji Yi and the female celebrity weren't that close and she wasn't used to her display of closeness.

"It's nothing." The female celebrity smiled enthusiastically then turned around and walked over to the buffet area.

Soon enough, the female celebrity came back with a glass of fruit juice. After she handed it to Ji Yi, she then sat down and picked up a glass of wine she set on the table earlier. She brought it towards Ji Yi.

The female celebrity was overly friendly; she even personally handed Ji Yi the juice. Ji Yi found it hard to decline, so she clinked glasses with the female celebrity and symbolically sipped the fruit juice.

After she put the glass down, the female celebrity and Ji Yi chatted again for a while before she made motions to leave. "Ji Jie, you go ahead with what you were doing. I'm just going to go over there."

Ji Yi gently nodded and replied with a smile.

As the female celebrity got up, she casually grabbed her unfinished wine glass, but since she was clumsy, she accidentally knocked over the glass. The wine happened to spill right over Ji Yi's chest.

"Ji Jie, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to..." The female celebrity saw this and hurriedly pulled out a napkin and started dabbing at Ji Yi's chest.

Ji Yi was wearing a long, nude-colored dress. After it got wet, the lining of her undergarments was revealed. "...Ji Jie, I've got a back-up grown in my car. How about I ask someone to bring it over and I'll come upstairs with you to get changed...?" suggested the female celebrity.

Most female celebrities had two outfits in their cars in case of accidents or if their original outfits were uncomfortable.

Actually, Ji Yi used to ask Zhuang Yi to prepare two outfits in her car too, but lately, she hadn't attended any events and her clothes were a little creased from being tossed around in the car, so Ji Yi asked Zhuang Yi to get them washed and dried. She never imagined that an accident would happen at tonight's event, so she didn't prepare an extra outfit.

It wasn't right to call Zhuang Yi right now and ask her to go back home, grab an outfit, and drop it off, so Ji Yi considered the celebrity's offer for a while. Eventually, she accepted the female celebrity's suggestion. "Sorry to have to bother you."

"It's the best I can do, considering that it was my fault in the first place," replied the female celebrity as she glanced elsewhere, nearby. Qian Ge had been paying attention to this whole ordeal the entire time. When the female celebrity's eyes met Qian Ge's, she nodded softly.