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Chapter 918: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (18)

 Chapter 918: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (18)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi shifted her main priority to preparing for her pregnancy; she didn't attend any industry events.

The exception was the BL charity gala, which she promised to attend last year.

Although Ji Yi figured He Jichen would find an excuse to decline her invitation to go to the BL charity gala with her like before, she asked him anyway as she was trying her gown that evening while he sat on the sofa reading some documents. "Oh yeah. Would you like to go to the charity gala with me?"

He Jichen must've been thinking about something he read as he stared at the black and white words on the pages for a while before raising his head. "Mhm," he softly let out then he replied, "Sure."

With the help of Zhuang Yi and the makeup artist, Ji Yi got into her gown then stared at her completed look in the mirror. She thought she was hearing things, so she was slightly confused for a moment. Then she curved her lips and said, "Then you better hurry and get ready, otherwise we'll be late."

This time, He Jichen didn't look up at Ji Yi but continued to stare transfixed on the documents. "Mhm," he mumbled.

After Ji Yi chose a gown, sat in front of the vanity and did her hair, He Jichen raised his pen and signed the document. Then he walked into the bathroom.

Ji Yi happened to finish doing her hair when He Jichen finished getting ready.

Ji Yi got up and put on some earrings in front of the mirror then raised her wrist to check the time. It was about time to leave. She glanced over at Zhuang Yi as if to signal her to start the car.

The BL charity gala was being held at the Beiyang Hall as usual.

When she and He Jichen walked on the red carpet into the entrance, they happened to bump right into Qian Ge as she was finishing an interview.

Qian Ge's footsteps clearly stopped for a moment.

He Jichen walked calmly as though Qian Ge didn't exist. He turned his head and whispered a few things to Ji Yi. Then he hugged Ji Yi's shoulders, brushed past Qian Ge, and headed into the hall.

Ji Yi and He Jichen sat down and politely chatted with the people beside them for a short while before the BL charity gala officially started.

In comparison to last year, this year's BL charity gala was just as grand and majestic.

They didn't know how many times the show was rehearsed, but the actors on stage were astonishing.

Amidst the joy and laughter, two hours quickly flew by as the dinner portion of the gala commenced.

Like previous years, the dinner was held on the second floor of the Beiyang Hall.

Aside from the multiple live broadcasting platforms who invested in the BL charity gala, other reporters were located outside the dining hall.

When Ji Yi and He Jichen entered the restaurant, the second floor looked particularly good. There was quite a large group of people standing together, chatting and laughing away in front of the central spot for exposure to the live broadcast.

After Ji Yi finished shooting her scenes for the "Fleeting Years," she decided to retire from showbiz. She didn't need this kind of exposure, so she didn't linger around the camera and found a corner to sit down at with He Jichen.

There wasn't much to do at the dinner, but Ji Yi went anyway out of respect. She wanted to greet the founder of the BL charity gala, who invited her, before leaving.

There were far too many people surrounding the founder, so she figured she'd go after the crowd thinned out a bit. In the end, she didn't manage to wait it out as a producer walked up to them with a glass of wine in hand.

After the producer and He Jichen gave their self-introductions and chatted casually, he glanced at Ji Yi, who was sitting next to He Jichen. "Mr. He, I wonder if you're currently available? I was hoping to speak to you privately," he said with a smile.