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Chapter 917: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (17)

 Chapter 917: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (17)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Xie Siyao always figured that night she slumped by the sidewalk and wept with complete disregard for her image would be the most painful night of her life. However, she never imagined that the darkest moment of her life would actually come at three in the afternoon the very next day.

After Chen Mingda left, she cried for a really, really long time before she stood up and sluggishly stumbled over to the main road.

She was completely bewildered and didn't know where she wanted to go nor where she should go. What's more - she lost track of the distance she walked. All she knew was that she felt really hurt and by the time she was exhausted from walking and couldn't walk any further, it was morning.

She hailed a cab back home, took a hot shower, and laid in bed, completely drained.

She was really sleepy and really tired, but she couldn't sleep.

She didn't realize she was like a zombie as she laid down silently for a long time. All she knew was that, outside the window, the sun shone brighter and brighter. When half her room was covered with the glow of the sun, her stomach suddenly felt a piercing, knife-like pain.

The pain made her entire body tremble and she broke out in a cold sweat. She thought she was going to die from the pain. She picked up the phone and called Qian Ge.

After she hung up, she realized it was wet beneath her body and she mustered up the strength to remove her covers to take a look. Her bedsheets were covered in blood.

Later, she fainted from the pain. By the time she woke up again, she was already in a hospital bed.

Qian Ge was watching over her. When she saw the blood on her bed, she had a rough understanding of what happened, so she didn't dare ask even though she wanted to. After Qian Ge figured out why she was so speechless, she shot her a gentle smile and softly said, "Don't be too sad. You can get pregnant again in the future."

You can still get pregnant in the future... So I really had a miscarriage.

Even though she and Yang Li slept together, if she checked the timeline, that baby should've been Chen Mingda's.

If the whole Yang Li situation never happened, or even if it had, as long as Chen Mingda didn't find out about it, she would've realized her period was late and she would've known there was a baby in her after some time. She definitely would've given birth, just like she fantasized. She would've married Chen Mingda, been a traditional wife and lived a wealthy life.

Or even if Chen Mingda found out about what happened between her and Yang Li, if she noticed earlier that her period was late, she would've known she was pregnant. Even if she lost Chen Mingda, she would've kept the child.

If... if... it's all just "ifs." She took one wrong step - or rather, several wrong steps - and in the end, she ended up with absolutely nothing.

Before Xie Siyao spoke, the tears had already rolled down in big drops from the corners of her eyes. She spent a lot of energy to force out the question: "How many months?"

Qian Ge knew Xie Siyao was asking about the baby that was miscarried. "A month and a half."

A month and a half... She got pregnant the day Chen Mingda proposed to her... In the end, Xie Siyao couldn't hold it in and wept loudly.

She cried with such devastation that she didn't notice Qian Ge picking up a call. Qian Ge said they picked up a new drama which would receive an investment by Chen enterprises.


From the night they decided to have a baby, Ji Yi started to change the way she lived for the better. Not only did she watch over He Jichen as he quit smoking, she even dragged He Jichen to work out with her every week.