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Chapter 916: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (16)

 Chapter 916: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (16)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Chen Mingda sat in the car, staring at Xie Siyao silently for a while through the windshield. Seeing that she had no intention of moving aside at all, he opened the car door and got out.

He stood in front of her. Without waiting for her to speak, he mercilessly spoke first. "You received the cheque, so you should've understood my intentions, right?"

Xie Siyao pursed her bottom lip and pushed the bitterness out in her eyes. "Mingda..."

"Don't let me see you ever again." Chen Mingda clearly didn't want to hear what Xie Siyao had to say, so he coldly interrupted her. Then he turned around and walked back to the open car door.

"Mingda..." Xie Siyao instinctively ran two steps to catch up with him and tugged on Chen Mingda's sleeve. "...Mingda, I don't understand. We were doing great. What happened all of a sudden?"

"Mingda, you said you loved me and you even said you wanted to marry me. What in the hell happened?! Mingda..."

Xie Siyao had no idea what pissed him off. All of sudden, Chen Mingda turned around to face her directly. In complete disregard for the people walking by, he got unusually angry and cried, "What happened?! You know full well what happened!!"

Xie Siyao trembled in fear as she had never seen Chen Mingda this angry before. "Mingda... I don't quite understand what you mean..."

"Haha..." Chen Mingda scoffed coldly. He stared at Xie Siyao's pretty face for a while then flung her grasp away from his sleeve. He walked over to the car door, bent over and pulled something out from inside.

Xie Siyao thought Chen Mingda was going to get in the car and leave, so she instinctively raised her leg in hopes of chasing after Chen Mingda. However, she only managed to take one step forward when Chen Mingda straightened up and viciously threw a stack of photos at her face. "...At a time like this, you're still pretending? See for yourself!"

Xie Siyao's face looked like she thought Chen Mingda was frightened silly by his rage. She stood foolishly on the same spot for a while. Then she looked over at the photos in her arms and by her feet.

They were photos of her and Yang Li hugging, and there were photos of her and Yang Li walking into the hotel room. There were also photos of her coming out of the room in the morning looking disheveled.

Xie Siyao's face instantly turned pale white. She stared at the photos for a long time before she looked over at Chen Mingda. "H-how did you get these photos?"

"Don't worry about where the photos came from. Just know that I, Chen Mingda, will never want to be with an indecent woman like you. You couldn't have possibly thought I would be with a broken shoe like you who's been worked by a million people?!" After Chen Mingda said that, he ruthlessly spat at Xie Siyao then got back into the car. He reversed for a short distance then stepped on the gas pedal. As he turned the steering wheel, he brushed past Xie Siyao's body.

The gust of wind from his car speeding away blew the photos by Xie Siyao's feet and arms around in several circles. They fell not too far away.

Xie Siyao looked as though she lost all senses as she continued to foolishly stand on the spot in a daze for a while. Then her stiff and vacant body bent over and picked up each and every photo. After she picked up the final photo, she couldn't take it anymore and slumped to the ground, hugging her knees as she wept.

It was over. She thought she could turn her life around into something wonderful but in the end, it was all over...

Xie Siyao always figured that night would be the most painful night of her life.