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Chapter 907: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (7)

 Chapter 907: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

His hand just about touched the wooden door when He Jichen's black leather shoe stepped into the room.

Thereafter, Yang Li didn't have time to shut the door in time before He Jichen reached out and shut the door behind him.


Yang Li's heart skipped a beat then he looked over at He Jichen.

He Jichen seemed more like the owner of the room than he did as he leisurely walked around the room and stopped at the balcony like Yang Li didn't exist. He Jichen grabbed the wine laid out for the two women then poured himself a glass. He gently swirled it around, put it to his lips, raised his head and took two sips.

He Jichen didn't show any anger on his face. Accurately speaking, he looked completely normal. It wasn't clear if Yang Li was feeling guilty, but He Jichen made him absolutely feel terrified. He watched this man with an air of nobility calmly drinking wine for a while then he smiled. "Mr. He, I wonder why you've come to see me so late in the evening?"

He Jichen shot Yang Li a look but didn't say a word. He put the wine glass down on the bar counter then picked up a pack of expensive cigarettes. He pulled one out, put it to his lips, and lit it up.

"Mr. He, if there's nothing, could you please..."

He Jichen lowered the cigarette from his lips and slowly blew out a ring of smoke.

"...I've got plans with friends. They'll be here in a minute..."

Yang Li didn't manage to finish what he was going to say for the third time as He Jichen finished blowing smoke rings and casually said, "Five years ago, you had your eye on a female student at University A. She had a boyfriend and couldn't accept you. You were forceful and raped her in the car, causing her to jump from a building to her death. In the end, you spent twenty thousand to bribe her family to say she had a mental illness instead."

Yang Li never imagined that the first thing He Jichen said would be an unspeakable secret of his. A hint of shock surfaced in his eyes.

He Jichen ignored Yang Li and continued to go on. "Three years ago, you had your eye on a newly employed female assistant. You did everything to get her, causing her to have three abortions in one year. After making her unable to ever have children, you got bored and just gave her a bunch of money to send her away. You made her mentally unstable, causing her to get into a car accident and lose all function in her legs."

"I have no idea what you're talking about!!" After hearing the second incident, Yang Li chose to speak up.

He Jichen pretended not to have heard him and continued on. "Also, you've slept with the newly signed artist last year from your company, right?..."

"Mr. He, I don't know where you heard this nonsense from, but I can assure you that this is fake news. If you came to see me just to talk about this then we have nothing to talk about. You can leave..."

"It looks like you don't want to talk about these things?" He Jichen lowered his head and glanced at the cigarette in his fingers then straightened up. He casually walked over to Yang Li. "Since you don't want to talk about these things, let's talk about something else."

He Jichen stopped in front of Yang Li and glared at the right hand he used to scratch Ji Yi. Then he raised his chin. "Do you want to make a move or shall I?"