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Chapter 905: A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You (5)

 Chapter 905: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

How could Zhuang Yi have caught up with He Jichen? By the time she stepped out of the cafe, He Jichen was already by his car and pulling his car door open.

"Mr. He!"

Zhuang Yi raised her voice and called out for He Jichen once again.

He Jichen's entire body was on fire; nothing Zhuang Yi said managed to get through to him as he bent down and entered the car.

Zhuang Yi abruptly ran forward two steps. Just as she reached the side of the car, it sped off.

Distressed, Zhuang Yi came to a stop. Her breathing was a little unsteady because she ran in such a hurry to chase after him. She covered her chest to calm her racing heart a little. Then she reached for her phone and was about to call He Jichen when she suddenly heard the screech of a car's emergency brakes.

Zhuang Yi was so afraid that she took a step back. Before she could take a better look at the car ahead, the window rolled down to reveal He Jichen's icy expression. "Don't let her know that I came to see you tonight."

Zhuang Yi only chased after He Jichen to tell him that Xiao Yi told her not to let him know what happened.

She never imagined he would've already left before she could tell him.

Zhuang Yi's mouth gaped in confusion and she instantly blurted, "Mr. He, why are you acting exactly the same way as Xiao Yi..."

"Why don't we each let the other person know what we did?" He Jichen replied in a flat voice without even waiting for Zhuang Yi to finish what she was saying.

Once again, He Jichen said what Zhuang Yi wanted to say again. She gently nodded but didn't say anything.

Both lights on the car flashed on and off. A warm smile appeared on He Jichen's cold face. He looked like he was thinking about something for a while then he said, "Because she and I are the same. We want the other person to feel less burdened and a little happier."

After saying this, He Jichen didn't linger. Once again, he stepped on the gas pedal and sped away.

When there was no trace left of He Jichen, a gust of the night breeze roused Zhuang Yi from her daze.

She walked to the side of her car, pulled the car door open, and sat inside.

When she started the car up, she felt the phone in her pocket vibrating. She pulled it out and saw that Tang Huahua had shared a Weibo post about the latest cosmetics.

She didn't click to take a look, but she stared at the phone screen with hesitation for a while then typed a line of text and sent it to Tang Huahua. "All of a sudden, I want to be in love too."

"Whaaat?!" Tang Huahua sent a shocked emoji then the words: "Zhuang Jie, aren't you the type who doesn't want to get married? Why are you suddenly open-minded about it? Is it because women after forty are hornier and you now want a man?"

"..." Zhuang Yi replied to Tang Huahua with ellipses then an emoji that showed she was back to normal. She started to type on the keyboard again: "If love is like Mr. He and Xiao Yi, then I really want to fall in love. Also, I want to be like them - giving up everything without regret."

Zhuang Yi figured they probably had the most beautiful romance she'd ever seen.

Although they hid things from each other and lied to one another, those lies and the hiding came from their true feelings.


In the car, He Jichen gave Chen Bai a call.

It was late and Chen Bai was asleep, so when he picked up the call, he sounded a little groggy. However, when he heard the name that escaped He Jichen's mouth, he woke up and spoke with hints of confusion in his voice. "Yang Li? Why are you looking for him?"