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Chapter 897: He Jichen, Let’s Have A Baby (47)

 Chapter 897: He Jichen, Let's Have A Baby (47)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Two years ago, He Jichen turned up by her side just in time every time; he could definitely tell how Yang Li had plans in mind for Ji Yi.

Two years later, everyone knew Ji Yi was He Jichen's wife. For Yang Li to still dare to do such a thing, he clearly wasn't afraid nor did he view He Jichen the way he used to before the Qian Ge video and all the trouble surfaced online.

He Jichen was smart. If he didn't know exactly how Yang Li felt about him, he still definitely knew Yang Li only dared to bully Ji Yi like this because of him.

What's more, he was already feeling terrible because Ji Yi had many business contracts canceled and received all those hate comments online... As that thought flashed across Ji Yi's mind, she remembered the first night she joined the team. When she woke up in the morning, she didn't see He Jichen beside her on the bed. While she was leaving, she saw He Jichen staring at his laptop with a vaguely pained expression on his face in the study.

Ji Yi instinctively pursed her lips then slowly shook her head, "Forget it. I'll be fine if I'm careful and I've already survived three days. There are only two scenes left. It's nothing."

"But..." Tang Huahua seemed a little worried.

"I'll be careful," Ji Yi reiterated as she prevented Tang Huahua from completing her thought.

Zhuang Yi and Tang Huahua noticed Ji Yi's persistent attitude, so they didn't try to talk her out of it and gave in.

Maybe it was because Ji Yi's clothes were ripped that Yang Li was afraid he went overboard and revealed his evil intentions to the cast and crew. Thereafter, he acted normally through the rest of the filming and quickly finished shooting.

In the final scene, Ji Yi needed a new costume. After she finished, she walked into the makeup room.

After she was done, other people were still shooting their scenes. She needed to wait until after they were done before she could shoot the final scene of this movie.

After about an hour, the sky turned dark. The set was all ready, so Ji Yi emerged from the make-up room and walked on set.

The first half of the scene was of her and Yang Li just talking.

To Ji Yi's surprise, Yang Li took the first part of the scene very seriously and actually finished it in one take.

For safety reasons, the director took a break then started to get ready for her and Yang Li's bed scene.

The scene was simple; there were no lines. There weren't many movements or expressions needed, but they needed to act drunk. Then the two of them would just quietly lay there for a while without touching.

This was the scene where Ji Yi and Yang Li got into a big argument.

In the end, she overestimated Yang Li's level of shamelessness. When they laid in bed, shut their eyes, and got into character, he secretly reached out and touched her breasts beneath the covers.

Ji Yi reflexively kicked Yang Li right off the bed the moment his hand touched her chest.

With a *bang*, Yang Li fell to the floor in complete embarrassment.

As the entire cast and crew were unbelievably confused, Ji Yi yanked off the covers and jumped out of bed. "Director! I want a body double for this scene!" She exclaimed coldly. Then, without staying on set another moment longer, she headed for the changing room.

Under everyone's gaze, Ji Yi kicked Yang Li out of bed. He was already embarrassed and his face was already incredibly flushed, however, now that he heard Ji Yi requested a body double, Yang Li suddenly got mad. He bolted up from the ground and rushed over to Ji Yi as she left.