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Chapter 887: He Jichen, Lets Have A Baby (37)

 Chapter 887: He Jichen, Let's Have A Baby (37)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi climbed into bed then suddenly had a thought. She turned to He Jichen, who had followed her into the bedroom, and said, "Maybe I'm on my period. My belly's a little cold. Could you brew me a cup of brown sugar ginger tea?"

He Jichen nodded, carefully put the covers over Ji Yi then slowly walked out of the bedroom.

Ji Yi listened intently for the sound of movements outside. When she couldn't hear He Jichen's footsteps anymore, she tucked away the sweet expression on her face and quickly tore the covers off. She jumped out of the bed without even bothering to put on her slippers and hurriedly slipped into the study.

She rushed over to the computer desk then quickly opened the laptop and entered the password to enter the computer's home screen.

He Jichen was probably caught off guard by Ji Yi's sudden appearance, so he didn't click out of the website he was on and just slammed the laptop shut.

After Ji Yi got in, she immediately saw the website He Jichen was browsing.

He was looking at the comments on her Weibo page.

He read line after line of hate comments that were all about her.

So, He Jichen only had that kind of reaction because... he saw those kinds of comments from online users?

But... it's the middle of the night. He didn't sleep but instead, he climbed out of bed just to read Weibo comments?

Ji Yi furrowed her brows slightly. Soon enough, she had a sudden thought and clicked into his browser history.

The list of URLs was all about her.

They were mostly links to her Weibo page and news about her termination contracts.

Ji Yi swept a look at the date. From the night of the Television Awards and onward, he'd browsed every day around today's time; four to five in the morning.

Which went to say that after they got together, he actually wasn't asleep when she thought he was.

Every day, he stayed with her and every now and then, he teased her to make her face flush and ears red. She thought that after they got together, he would be in a better mood, but things weren't as she assumed... He wasn't truly better. He was just acting like he was better to make her feel better.

He only repeatedly checked the Weibo comments because he cared about what those online users said about her.

She knew he only cared because he truly loved her. People had called him a murderer and a degenerate after the video of him stabbing Qian Ge was leaked. Reading those words seemed to feel even more unbearable than when she was being hated on in the past.

However, he didn't dare read all of it in front of her in fear that she would feel burdened. That was why he chose to climb out of bed every night when she was fast asleep and sneakily read them in the study.

Piercing pain stabbed Ji Yi's heart once more.

Her eyes started to water as she stared at the laptop screen.

She was afraid He Jichen would see all of this when he got upstairs and find out she realized he was pretending every day. She was afraid he would feel even more heavy-hearted, so she didn't dare stay in the study for too long. She quickly shut the laptop and headed back to the bedroom.

She laid back in bed, pulled the covers over herself, and tried her best to compose herself.

But she didn't make it in time. He Jichen was already back upstairs.

Ji Yi was afraid He Jichen would realize something was wrong, so she quickly shut her eyes and waited for He Jichen to walk over to the side of the bed. Having forced herself to calm down, she then opened her eyelids. "Is it ready?"

"Mhm," softly replied He Jichen. He brought the mug in front of Ji Yi. "It's a little hot, so drink slowly."