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Chapter 884: He Jichen, Lets Have A Baby (34)

 Chapter 884: He Jichen, Let's Have A Baby (34)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Because he actually had a soft spot for her.

Accurately speaking, from the moment he decided to steal the child, he always had a thought deep down in his heart: "Would she be devastated if I stole the child?"

So even though things went according to plan, he never received the joy he imagined he would feel after successfully getting revenge.

Just like now. Cheng Weiguo's daughter was begging him in a manner as tragic as Lili's death. He should've mercilessly told her she could quit dreaming about seeing their son. However, as he stared at her, he felt himself repressing the urge to say that he actually really, really wanted to agree to do it.

She was Cheng Weiguo's daughter! Cheng Weiguo, that shameless old man! The worthless piece of sh*t who hid behind his prestigious status as a college professor. He never let anyone go, not even a young woman!

To fulfill his own beastly desires, he actually drugged a woman and raped her. If that wasn't enough, he actually threatened Lili. He said if she ever dared to tell others, he'd leak all his photos of her.

Han Zhifan and Lili lost their parents when they were young, so they were raised by their grandmother. The Han family was powerful. He and Lili always took care of each other in their big family. Perhaps it was because they didn't have a sense of security, but Lili was a lot weaker than other girls. Or perhaps it was because he protected his sister far too well that she turned out considerably more naive than other girls. That was why, time and time again, Lili fell for Cheng Weiguo's threats, and she didn't tell Han Zhifan until the very end. She got pregnant, but because she had no experience and she was underaged, it was too late by the time she found out. She didn't dare give birth, so she sneakily went to the hospital to abort it but died on the operating table.

If he hadn't gone to the university to collect the things she left behind and discovered her diary which recorded what Cheng Weiguo did to her, he would never believe it. His own sister, who he loved and swore to protect, was treated inhumanely!

He found out too late. Lili was already dead and he didn't have any evidence. There was simply nothing he could do to Cheng Weiguo!

So after he found out Cheng Weiguo had a daughter, he had been looking for her ever since...

Yeah. She was Cheng Weiguo's daughter and the daughter of the horrid man who killed Lili. Even if she didn't have a clue about the disgusting things her father did, her father was Cheng Weiguo. She wasn't worthy of Han Zhifan's soft-hearted side...

"Take me to see Hanhan, please? I beg you. Take me to see Hanhan..." Cheng Weiwan saw Han Zhifan wasn't nodding, so she spoke with a considerably weaker voice.

In the midst of reminiscing, Han Zhifan snapped out of it when Cheng Weiwan spoke.

He already made his decision, but seeing how pitiful she looked, he couldn't say the words to refuse her.

He furiously averted his gaze upon her face. Just as he considered going soft on her just this once, he caught a glimpse of several boxes of nutritional supplements by the cabinet.

The image of her coming out of a man's car last night while he sat in his own car suddenly popped into his mind.

She and that man were chatting and laughing like they were really intimate. When she stepped into the residential area, that man pulled out several bags and gave them to her.