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Chapter 876: He Jichen, Let’s Have a Baby (26)

 Chapter 876: He Jichen, Let's Have a Baby (26)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"Yeah. We forced him to take medicine yesterday, the day before yesterday, and the day before that. The fever subsided in the morning, but when the young master woke up, he wouldn't eat or drink and cried non-stop. By night, his fever got serious. For this to repeatedly happen every day, the young master's body won't be able to take it much longer."

"But we can't let the young master go on burning up like this! His brain will fry!"

The nanny, the housekeeper, the midwife, and the doctor discussed the situation over and over again, but they didn't reach a consensus.

Cheng Han was probably in far too much pain because his throat was hoarse from crying.

The nanny was rather old and soft-hearted. She silently watched Han Zhifan stroking Cheng Han's head before she hesitated for a moment and quietly said, "Mr. Han, this won't do. Call the child's mother to take care of the child for two days..."

When the young master first arrived at the house, he would cry and search for his mother every day. Whenever they all tried to cheer up the young master, they always told him that his mother was busy lately and would come to visit later. In the end, Mr. Han caught wind of this and erupted into a fit of anger. He said the young master didn't have a mother and whoever mentioned her again could get lost!

Thereafter, nobody in the house dared to mention the young master's mother. But now, that nanny actually suggested Mr. Han to ask the young master's mother to come over...

As the nanny's voice fell, the expressions on everyone's faces turned tense.

Han Zhifan's expression instantly became frighteningly cold.

The nanny was afraid, but she still continued to speak. "The child's mother took care of him since he was born. He must be hurting deep down from not seeing his mother so suddenly. Right now, the child's not willing to eat or drink and repeatedly has a fever. No one can seem to cheer him up. Can we really stand this much longer?"

To everyone's surprise, Han Zhifan might have looked somber, but he didn't get angry.

He stared at Cheng Han for a while as he shivered endlessly from crying in bed. Before the nanny and midwife walked over with concern to hug Cheng Han to try to cheer him up, Han Zhifan pulled out his phone. Then he made a call. "Xiao Zhang? Go to Luming Park right now and bring her back."

Seeing as Han Zhifan was sorting it out, the nanny let out a sigh of relief. She waited till after Han Zhifan hung up the phone then immediately walked over to the bedside and hugged Cheng Han. "Baby, don't cry. Your mummy's coming..."

After hearing the word "mummy," Cheng Han's crying quieted down a little and he opened his red, swollen eyes.

Finally, Cheng Han was showing them some kind of reaction. The housekeeper immediately said, "Yeah. Daddy already sent someone to get mummy..."

Cheng Han thought about it for a while then turned his head and looked over at Han Zhifan.

Having met Cheng Han's sparkling wet eyes, Han Zhifan couldn't help but nod his head.

Cheng Han's cries then gradually subsided.

"Baby, if mummy gets here and finds out you haven't eaten, mummy's definitely going to be hurt. So how about we eat something, shall we?" cooed the nanny in a soft voice.

Cheng Han was deep in thought for a moment. Although he didn't say anything, he nodded.

The housekeeper immediately ordered the servants to bring over the baby's congee.

Han Zhifan stood aside and watched as the four adults groveled at the child for while. That was when he realized he still had his blazer on, so he reached out and undid the buttons.

Half-way through removing his jacket, Han Zhifan's phone rang. It was Xiao Zhang calling.

Han Zhifan took the call and quickly heard Xiao Zhang's voice. "Mr. Han, it seems that Miss Cheng isn't home. I've been knocking at her door for ages, but she's not answering."