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Chapter 872: He Jichen, Let’s Have a Baby (22)

 Chapter 872: He Jichen, Let's Have a Baby (22)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi was taken aback by He Jichen's laid-back attitude for two seconds, not to mention the shock of the on-lookers. "But you didn't have to buy so much!?" she quietly mumbled.

"Too much?" He Jichen turned his head when he heard what Ji Yi said then he glanced back at his own car.

The trunk was already full, but the two women were still carrying various big and small bags to the car. There were so many that they couldn't shove them in there, so they put them on the passenger seat.

He furrowed his brows slightly and continued by saying, "Not really. The car's too small."

After he said this, He Jichen continued to stare at the car for a while then said seriously, "Looks like we have to think about buying another car."

Not really. The car's too small...?! Ji Yi couldn't deny it - those words from He Jichen's mouth really did make her feel better. She cheered up completely as her voice became a little sweeter. "Don't tell me you plan to buy this much every day?"

"Of course..." replied He Jichen. He glanced at Xie Siyao, who was standing beside him, then slowly continued by saying, "...haven't you heard of this saying? The first type of man has one thousand yuan and is willing to spend nine hundred on you, whereas the second type of man is willing to spend nine hundred on you when they have ten thousand yuan. You'll have to choose to marry the first type of man, not the second. That's because the second type of man doesn't truly love you."

"...But, I... This afternoon, before you even woke up, I had nothing much to do, so I opened the laptop and randomly checked my stocks for a while. I casually earned almost eight figures..."

Randomly checked my stocks for a while. I casually earned almost eight figures... Eight figures. That's almost tens of million... Another cold gasp was heard in the crowd.

He Jichen pretended as though he hadn't heard a thing as he continued to softly talk to Ji Yi.

"So, according to my income, I definitely can't just buy you a handbag today, a bracelet tomorrow, and a pair of shoes the day after that..."

When He Jichen said "buy you a handbag today, a bracelet tomorrow, and a pair of shoes the day after that..." he deliberately copied Xie Siyao's tone of voice when she said: "after you retired from showbiz."

At the dinner party, Xie Siyao showed off like that on more than one occasion.

But at that moment, her boyfriend's efforts were simply stingy in comparison to He Jichen's big show!

Ji Yi instinctively glanced over at Xie Siyao when He Jichen copied Xie Siyao's manner of speaking.

She clearly saw Xie Siyao's face turn sour after what He Jichen said.

Ji Yi thought He Jichen was just about done after saying that, but she never imagined that He Jichen would quickly follow up by adding, "...spending this bit of money is nothing. If I didn't, I'd be the second type of man, wouldn't I?"

With that, he was saying he didn't want to be the second type of man, yet the boyfriend Xie Siyao showed off all night now looked like the second type of man who didn't really love her.

The expression on Xie Siyao's face turned colder.

The people beside her could tell Xie Siyao was a little upset, and they could feel the atmosphere turn a little tense.

But He Jichen continued to speak warmly and affectionately with Ji Yi as though nothing else mattered. "You have to understand that for our future, my second priority is earning money. My main priority is buying things for you."