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Chapter 869: He Jichen, Let’s Have a Baby (19)

 Chapter 869: He Jichen, Let's Have a Baby (19)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As she said this, Ji Yi raised her head and looked at He Jichen's profile. Then she sweetly said, "Hubby, since they're old friends, you have to say 'hello' to everyone after bumping into them..."

Hubby... Having only just come to terms with "Jichen," when he heard that other word, his heart felt like it was being teased. A strange pounding sensation arose as he froze once more.

"But hubby, it's been a while since you've taken a break from showbiz. I wonder if everyone still remembers you..." Ji Yi said with a crisp voice as she leaned into He Jichen's arm. She turned around and bravely spoke up to the group of people standing nearby. "...Let me first give y'all an introduction. This is my husband, He Jichen."

After Ji Yi said this, she turned and shot He Jichen a bright smile. Then she pointed at the respective people before her and introduced He Jichen to each and every one of them.

"Hubby, this is the producer. You remember him, right? You guys worked together previously on 'Three Thousand Lunatics'."

"Hubby, this is the director. You personally chose him to direct 'Jiuchong Palace'."

"Hubby, this is the casting director. You probably don't remember him. Don't underestimate him because he looks young - he has a great eye. He matches every role with the right actor."

"Hubby, this is the movie's female lead. I even liked her in senior high! I think I mentioned her many times."

"Hubby, this is the male lead, Yang Li. He has so many cute, girly fans."


Every mention of "Hubby" left He Jichen in such a daze that he didn't carefully listen to her introductions. After her voice fell, he politely and courteously smiled as a kind of greeting.

The people there had worked in showbiz for a long time. Even if they had personal opinions about someone deep down, they wouldn't show it, so after Ji Yi finished her introductions, everyone engaged in casual conversations with He Jichen.

"Mr. He, you've been away for some time now."

"Mr. He, when you have time, let's meet up and play cards."

"Mr. He..."

In the past, He Jichen didn't like to entertain before Qian Ge's video incident, so at a fitting time, Ji Yi said, "Hubby, you're meeting with someone later? We'd better be off. It's almost time..."

As Ji Yi said this, she flashed an apologetic smile at the group. "I'm so sorry. Let's talk later."

"Sure sure."


"Take care."

Ji Yi hugged He Jichen's arm as everyone said their goodbyes then she smiled brightly back. She turned around and headed for the car.

Ji Yi thought Xie Siyao would give up since she couldn't achieve her goal. However, Ji Yi never imagined that before the car door opened, Xie Siyao would actually cry, "Mr. He, you're meeting someone pretty late in the evening. I wonder what Mr. He is busy with after retiring from showbiz, hmm?"

Xie Siyao deliberately emphasized the words "after retiring from showbiz."

Because of what happened with Qian Ge, he immediately retired from showbiz, so Xie Siyao obviously touched upon a sore spot.

Ji Yi's gaze instantly turned cold.

Just as Ji Yi wanted to reply with "He Jichen is my husband, so why do you care so much?", He Jichen, who hadn't really uttered a word, said with a flat tone, "I'm busy spending time at home with my wife."