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Chapter 862: He Jichen, Let’s Have a Baby (12)

 Chapter 862: He Jichen, Let's Have a Baby (12)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"Are you in it for the money? But there are so many rich people in the world. With your looks, it won't be hard to find someone richer. Are you in it for his good looks? You guys work in showbiz as it is. There are plenty of people who look good, so you didn't have to choose him. When his temper rises, he was willing to kill someone, so who knows when you'll be his target? Even if he doesn't hit you, he has a criminal record, so what will people think of you? You have no idea... Because of him, several of us didn't invite you to our last alumni meet up..."

"Are you done?" Ji Yi simply couldn't listen on as her tone of voice ran cold.

Her voice must've been overly cold as Ruan Jie slowly but finally noticed something was wrong and shut up.

The atmosphere between the two of them froze for a short while before Ruan Jie apologetically said, "Ji Yi, don't be mad - I didn't mean anything by it. I was just saying it for..."

Deep down, Ji Yi was a little mad. People might not even be able to take care of their own affairs; who had the time to worry about other people?

Without waiting for Ruan Jie to finish apologizing, she turned and looked over at her while cutting her off. "For my own good? But you aren't me, so how would you ever know that I..."

Before Ji Yi could finish saying "...don't care for you worrying about me," she caught sight of He Jichen, who was standing frozen nearby while pushing the cart.

In comparison to before, there were now more things in the cart. It was now filled with her favorite snacks.

Deep down, Ji Yi suddenly felt bad, followed by an unspeakable sense of panic.

Although Ruan Jie said some things that made her feel terrible and even though she would immediately share this experience with He Jichen, she was afraid he heard what Ruan Jie said.

He never really showed his emotions - the blank expression on his face revealed no emotions.

Ji Yi stared at He Jichen for a while but didn't notice a thing out of place.

Whereas Ruan Jie noticed that Ji Yi stopped mid-sentence and furrowed her brows in confusion. Then she realized Ji Yi was staring at a certain spot, so she turned her head in that direction. The second she met He Jichen's eyes, Ruan Jie evidently took a step back.

Her little movements shocked Ji Yi.

Without even looking at Ruan Jie, Ji Yi walked right up to He Jichen.

"Weren't you picking out vegetables?" asked He Jichen quietly when Ji Yi walked over to him.

He sounds no different than usual, so mustn't have caught anything Ruan Jie said, right...? thought Ji Yi for a moment before arching her eyes and softly replying, "I bumped into my college classmate and chatted with her a little."

"What did you girls talk about?"

He's just chatting with me casually, yet I'm acting all nervous... Ji Yi calmed down. "Nothing, we were just randomly chatting."


"I picked out some vegetables now. Aside from the one time when you cooked as Yuguang Ge, I haven't eaten your cooking."



After leaving the supermarket, He Jichen drove to the apartment then waited for Ji Yi to get out of the car before he drove to the underground car park.

After the car stopped, He Jichen was in no hurry to get out of the car. Instead, he reached for a cigarette and lit it up.