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Chapter 858: He Jichen, Let’s Have a Baby (8)

 Chapter 858: He Jichen, Let's Have a Baby (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The more Han Zhifan heard, the angrier he got. Eventually, when she stopped, he couldn't help but cry out, "Are you done? If you're done, get out!"

Cheng Weiwan's fingers tightly clutched her sleeves against her will. Deep down, she repeatedly told herself that he wasn't listening. She continued to finish where she left off. "And I know you'll get married eventually. If it's possible, I hope you can postpone marrying for Hanhan. Wait until he's a little older and can take care of himself before you get married..."

She was afraid that if he married too soon, the child would be mistreated.

"...I know it's an unreasonable request. I beg you..."

"Beg me? What right do you have to beg me?" Perhaps Han Zhifan was too angry as there was a faint tremble in his voice. "Let me tell you this! Getting married or not is my business and finding a step mom for my son is MY business! Even if my step mom abuses my son, that has absolutely nothing to do with you. After all, my son is mine alone, so I get to call the shots!"

"Honestly speaking, I didn't even want you - did you think I would want the child you gave birth to?"

"I only stole my son back to make you suffer!"

Cheng Weiwan had her head hung low, but when she heard Han Zhifan say this, she suddenly lifted her head and looked over at him.

He knew she was pale white, but he never imagined that her face would look so pale that it looked damn near translucent.

Her eyes were very dry as she stared at him; there wasn't a trace of wetness. Her pupils were lifeless like she didn't even know him.

The way she stared at him made him abruptly stop talking. He thought about it for a long time but couldn't figure out what to say. In the end, he furiously roared at her, "Get out!"

She blinked gently as though she was coming back to her senses. Then without uttering a word, she shot him a glance, turned around, and silently walked towards the door.

He wasn't sure if he was seeing things, but he suddenly felt she looked a little pitiful as he stared at her back.

For a moment, he actually thought he went overboard.

Furthermore, when she walked up to the door and reached to open the door, he instinctively took a step forward and wanted to cry her name.

But before he could do a thing, he snapped back to his senses. Then he instinctively gulped back the words "Cheng Weiwan."

What's with me? I actually wanted to call her and let her see her son one last time...

She's the daughter of Cheng Weiguo, the murderer who killed Lili. I got closer to Cheng Weiwan to make Cheng Weiguo suffer and to let him know that his own daughter felt everything Lili felt. That's why I won't go soft on her, feel sorry for her, or even pity her!

Everything I'm doing is right. I didn't go overboard. Not at all. If Cheng Weiwan wants to blame someone, she can blame her father!

Han Zhifan forcefully pinched the cigarette between his hands as he repeated that line over and over in his heart.

He didn't turn his head until he heard the sound of the front door opening from beyond the study door. Through the window, he watched her slender body walking out.

The front doors closed but she stood still outside. He didn't understand what was going on with her. The next second, he threw the cigarette butt to the floor, stomped on it, and kicked the floor lamp beside him.


As the front door slammed behind her, Cheng Weiwan slumped to the ground like she lost all strength in her body. She started to cry.