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Chapter 849: You Are Yuguang. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (29)

 Chapter 849: You Are Yuguang. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (29)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"I told him I wanted to eat jade tofu, and I got to eat it the next day."

"My grandma was often away from home, so I sometimes did homework late in the night at your house and got sleepy. After falling asleep on the table, I always woke up with a blanket over me."

"There were many situations like this... back then, there were so many of these cases every day and I felt so treasured."

"I only told these things to Yuguang Ge alone. I knew him earliest, he always treated me well, and he was so good-natured, so when my wishes came true, I naturally assumed Yuguang Ge did those things..."

"Just like that, a little bit of warmth every day made me slowly fall for Yuguang Ge."

"I really did like Yuguang Ge because I thought he treated me really, really well. In fact, he treated me so well that I couldn't name a second person in the whole world who treated me that well."

"Back then, I really thought I would either marry Yuguang Ge or not marry at all. I clearly remember when I was still close to Qian Ge, we went to a cafe in the neighboring town. The cafe had a rather interesting feature where you wrote a letter to your future self. My letter was to my future self ten years from that point and each word in that letter never strayed from Yuguang Ge!"

When Ji Yi said this, she and He Jichen happened to reach the garden of the residential area.

There was an old tree in the garden and Ji Yi stopped by that very tree.

She turned and looked over at He Jichen and stared at him for a while before moving her lips. "But He Jichen, did you know that from the photos of my younger self in the study, I only found out today that you were the one who highlighted the key points in my textbook, you were the one who bought me snacks, you were the one who pulled the blanket over me... For that incident with Sun Zhang, I found out you already started to help me before Yuguang Ge even asked you..."

"I never knew that back then, the person who gave me warmth and made me feel especially treasured was... you."

"I just figured that all you guys just treated me really well for some reason, but I only found out today that after all these years, you were behind it all along."

"So, He Jichen, don't be angry. I really didn't mean to get it all wrong. If I knew it was you and not Yuguang Ge back then, I'd be with you no matter what..."

After Ji Yi said all this, He Jichen was stunned for a long time before he asked, "So what you're saying is..."

Before he could finish, Ji Yi knew what he was going to ask next. "Yeah. When I was young, you were the one I should've liked, but I mistook your actions for Yuguang Ge's."

In that very moment, how could He Jichen describe his feelings?

He thought he was dreaming and thought everything was freaking ridiculous.

The girl he liked fell for his older brother over the things he did for her... Which meant that the person she truly liked all along was him, but she just got it wrong, that's all... yet he... actually got upset over that letter today for so long?

"When I liked you and Yuguang Ge back then, I even hoped you and Yuguang were one so you could also be with me for the rest of my life. I never imagined my dream would come true..."

Although it was spring, it still felt quite cold after standing outside for a while. Ji Yi's jacket had no pockets, so she reached her hands into He Jichen's pockets. Before she could finish saying what she had to say, her fingers touched a hard piece of paper.