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Chapter 844: You Are The Light. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (24)

 Chapter 844: You Are The Light. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (24)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi replied to Zhang Sao with a smile. "Take care."

After Zhang Sao left, Ji Yi paced around the living room for a while. Seeing how it was just about time, she walked into the kitchen and started to get dinner ready.


He Jichen knew full well that the past was the past and Ji Yi wrote this letter many years ago. He had no need to mind, nor a need to care.

But most of the time, while logic was simple and anyone could understand it, it was often difficult to actually follow it rationally.

Because he was in love, far too deeply in love, he minded and he also cared.

He Jichen also knew that reading this letter and discovering Ji Yi's devoted love for his older brother, He Yuguang, made him a little envious, that's all.

Besides, in the past few years, he had been sufficiently jealous of He Yuguang, so he was long accustomed to this. After a while, the pain in his heart disappeared.

He Jichen went to a cafe near his home to smoke for a long time. After the annoyance in his chest dissipated, he glanced at the watch on his wrist. It was already half past five in the afternoon.

Having left in the morning, she should be back home about now, right?

He didn't ask Zhang Sao to cook dinner, and he was afraid Ji Yi wasn't going to cook after being out the whole day, working all day. With the internet blowing up over what happened that night at the Television Awards, he thought it was best if they didn't go out to eat. It looked like they'd have to call for takeout.

With that thought, He Jichen reached into his pockets, wanting to give Ji Yi a call to ask what she wanted to eat.

After reaching around in there for a while, He Jichen remembered he forgot his phone when he left the apartment in a terrible mood.

Just at that moment, a waiter walked by. He Jichen called him over and asked to borrow his phone.

He gave Ji Yi a call, but no one picked up.

Is she so busy that she can't pick up the phone?

After He Jichen hung up, he deleted Ji Yi's number from the waiter's phone then entered Zhuang Yi's number.

The call was quickly picked up. "Hello, may I ask who is calling?"

"Me," replied He Jichen.

"Mr. He?" said Zhuang Yi in surprise as she noticed the unfamiliar number. Soon enough, she calmed down again. "Mr. He, is there a reason why you're looking for me?"

"Where's Xiao Yi?"

"Xiao Yi? She went back home an hour ago..."

He Jichen let out an "uh huh" then said, "Don't worry about it then." He wanted to hang up.

But before he could lower the phone from his ear, Zhuang Yi hurriedly said, "Mr. He?"

He Jichen stopped himself from hanging up then nonchalantly blurted out, "Hmm?"

"Er..." Over the phone, Zhuang Yi hesitated for a moment but still chose to tell He Jichen about Ji Yi's condition. "...Mr. He, Xiao Yi doesn't seem to be in particularly good spirits. After she left the company in the afternoon, she went into a residential area for over half an hour. When she came out, her eyes were red as though she'd been crying."

He Jichen furrowed his brows then said in a clearly nervous tone, "She cried? Who bullied her?"

"I'm not sure either. She went into the residential area alone because she didn't let us go with her..."

He Jichen tried to get to the main point. "Which residential area?"

Silence fell upon Zhuang Yi's end for a moment as she thought about it for a while then she gave He Jichen a name.

He was very familiar with that residential area's name... Because he bought that apartment while pretending to be He Yuguang.