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Chapter 842: You Are The Light. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (22)

 Chapter 842: You Are The Light. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (22)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"...But come to think of it... Xiao Yi, I suspect Chen Ge didn't accidentally eavesdrop on your conversation with Yuguang Ge. He must've deliberately gone home early everyday to eavesdrop. Take what happened to Sun Zhang back then for example. By the time Yuguang Ge asked Chen Ge for help, he actually called me the night before to find Sun Zhang..."

"Also, let me tell you this..." Mid-sentence, Fatty suddenly stopped and asked, "Xiao Yi, did you receive all different types of snacks?"

"Yeah..." Ji Yi already suspected the snacks were from He Jichen. Now that Fatty asked, she added, "Don't tell me He Jichen often bought snacks..."

"It wasn't often, alright? It was every day!" After he asked Ji Yi a question, he asked another, "Were they all the snacks you liked to eat?"


"That's right!" Fatty continued after the interruption and continued to say, "Let me tell you, Xiao Yi... You don't even know - the snacks you wanted to eat were so strange and you were so picky, but Chen Ge told us guys to skip school to go to shopping malls and stalls to buy them all for you. Also... there was this one time when you wanted to eat some kind of lotus tofu. That thing was sold on a push cart! Let me tell you this... I had to especially go to the next town with Chen Ge to buy it for you..."

So, I got it wrong all this time?

The things that moved her when she was young weren't provided by Yuguang Ge. It was actually He Jichen?

And the warm and considerate boy she liked wasn't actually Yuguang Ge but He Jichen?

So when they were young, he was the one who secretly took photos of her every move.

So all these years, he was the one who gave her the most warmth she'd ever felt in her whole life.

But why was he so stupid? If he wanted to treat her so well, why didn't he just tell her? Why did he secretly eavesdrop on her conversation with Yuguang Ge? Why did he have to secretly do those things for her?

But she was so stupid that she thought by telling Yuguang Ge, she was certain Yuguang Ge did those things for her. Why didn't she ask Yuguang Ge if he did it?

But... but... so many things revolved in Ji Yi's mind as complicated emotions boiled in her chest. There was guilt, regret, pain, and heartache...

A tint of red surfaced in Ji Yi's eyes. She suddenly became overrun with joy, but suddenly, she also missed He Jichen with unusual intensity. She missed him so much that she wanted nothing but to run immediately to his side.

She didn't dive deeper in conversation with Fatty and quickly ended the call. She tidied up the photos and put them back into the envelope, shoved them into her bag and left in a hurry.

Ji Yi eventually emerged from the door. Zhuang Yi immediately got out of the car when she saw Ji Yi and helped her open the door.

After she got into the car, Ji Yi removed her face mask and sunglasses.

With a single glance from Tang Huahua's sharp eyes, she noticed the redness in Ji Yi's eyes then she immediately turned to look over at Ji Yi. "Xiao Yi, what's wrong? Did something happen?

"No..." said Ji Yi with a heavily congested voice from her intense urge to cry earlier.