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Chapter 841: You Are The Light. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (21)

 Chapter 841: You Are The Light. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (21)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

But she never told He Jichen she thought those classes in senior high were difficult. Why would he remember to highlight the key points?

If He Jichen really was the one who highlighted the key points, then the one who put snacks on her textbook and pulled a blanket over her couldn't have been He Jichen too, right?

The more Ji Yi thought about it, the faster her heart raced.

If she guessed correctly, how could he have known she wanted to eat those snacks? She clearly only told Yuguang Ge!

Perhaps it was because something she was so certain of for so many years had suddenly been thrown out. Perhaps it was because the truth came out so abruptly that it was hard for her to accept. Ji Yi's mind was in complete chaos. Everything felt surreal.

This isn't right... there's no point in letting my imagination run wild like this all alone. I could call He Jichen... Yeah. I'm so stupid. If I just ask He Jichen, then wouldn't I find out the truth?

With that thought, Ji Yi pulled out her phone and called He Jichen.

Just like before, she called a few times but nobody picked up.

That's weird. Why isn't he picking up my calls? Could it be that he put his phone on silent?

As Ji Yi racked her brain over it, she lowered the phone from her ear and pressed to hang up.

Forget it. I'll call Zhang Sao. Maybe he's at home, so Zhang Sao can get him to come to the phone...

Ji Yi thought about it then searched through her phone contacts for Zhang Sao's number. Mid-search, she saw "Fatty."

Oh yeah. I'm so stupid! If I can't get a hold of He Jichen, then I can call Fatty. Fatty must know absolutely everything that happened back then...

Without a second thought, Ji Yi called Fatty's phone.

In contrast to how He Jichen didn't pick up, Fatty quickly did. "Hey Xiao..."

Fatty was about to say "Yi" when he sharply changed what he was going to say. "...Mrs. He. How may I help you?"

Mrs. He... That greeting was very effective on Ji Yi as it brought a smile to her face. "I wouldn't dare ask for help, but there's something I want to ask you."

"I'm all ears."

"You followed He Jichen in senior high and your relationship was the best. Did you ever see He Jichen often highlighting key points in a textbook?"

Just when Ji Yi finished her question, Fatty said over the phone, "You want to ask whether Chen Ge helped you highlight the key points in your textbook, right?"

Fatty didn't wait for Ji Yi to reply and said, "That's right. It was Chen Ge who highlighted the key points..."

It really was He Jichen... Ji Yi didn't say anything. Her fingers couldn't help clutch her phone more tightly.

Over the phone, Fatty, who was always talkative, continued to go on now that Ji Yi opened up the conversation with her question. "But at first, I didn't know who Chen Ge was highlighting those key points for. Later on, after graduation, you left, Chen Ge got drunk, and he told me himself."

"He seemed to have overheard you and Yuguang Ge's conversation and found out you were stressed over the senior high syllabus. Thereafter, he was determined to study well just to help you highlight the key points. Let me tell you, Xiao Yi - Chen Ge never studied in junior high. Back then, he spent quite a lot of effort to highlight the points for you. He spent over half a year studying all night making up homework and studying for senior high..."