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Chapter 837: You Are The Light. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (17)

 Chapter 837: You Are The Light. You Are Also The Rest Of My Life. (17)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Having left those words, he strode away without lingering there a second longer.

Just as he was about to reach the doors of the Golden Lounge, he turned his head and unwittingly glanced back. He didn't know when, but the woman had crouched to the ground. As they were separated by some distance, he couldn't hear any sounds she was making, but he could see her shoulders trembling and her crying violently.

His hand instantly balled up into a fist. He stared at her for a while like his mood was ruined then he kicked open the door into the Golden Lounge.


Although the Television Awards happened one day and two nights ago, not only did the chaos from Ji Yi's relentless confession to He Jichen not subside, it grew more intense.

The online hate comments were still going strong. Ji Yi arrived at the office bright and early in the morning today to sign no fewer than five endorsement cancellation contracts. The compensation fees were as high as nine figures, and she lost a major movie she was confirmed to star in as the main female lead.

This tragic loss would've been the worst thing for any artist. After all, so much money was lost. However, from the moment Ji Yi left the apartment to the moment she reached the office and finished signing those cancellation contracts, her face didn't show the least bit of pain and suffering. Instead, she wore a slight smile from start till end as though the happiest thing just happened to her.

Ji Yi's loss wasn't just her loss alone - it was also the company's loss.

So after she finished signing those cancellation contracts, she was naturally lectured by the company's high execs.

The execs were merciless as they abusively lectured Ji Yi. Zhuang Yi and Tang Huahua, who were standing to one side listening to the whole thing, felt it was difficult to hear. However, Ji Yi looked as though it had nothing to do with her at all. She sat there and let them shout at her. Eventually, as the high exec reached a point of interest, she picked up her phone and sent He Jichen a text to ask what he was doing.

But Ji Yi's phone was like a pebble thrown into a vast ocean. She didn't receive a reply from He Jichen.

That's weird. Why's he ignoring me?

Ji Yi continued to send two more messages, but seeing as He Jichen still didn't reply, she gave him a call.

Is he asleep?

Ji Yi thought about it and lowered the phone from her ear.

The high exec lecturing her noticed Ji Yi looked as though she didn't care at all and he became even angrier. He pointed at Ji Yi in a fit of rage and gave her a long and hard-to-hear scolding. In the end, he threw out the words: "Just you wait to get canceled!" then stormed out.

The only three people left in the office were Ji Yi, Zhuang Yi, and Tang Huahua.

Tang Huahua mumbled in dissatisfaction, "He was too harsh, right?"

As Ji Yi called He Jichen, she leisurely replied, "Don't worry about it! I was in the wrong to make them lose out, so let them shout as much as they want."

Ji Yi saw that nobody was picking up, so she turned her head and asked, "I've got nothing next on my schedule, right? If there isn't, let's go?"

In the car, Ji Yi gave He Jichen another call as she left Huan Ying Entertainment. Once again, no one picked up.

When she pressed the button to hang up, she thought about what he said before she left in the morning: "Tonight, I'll definitely make sure to make it the third day you can't get out of bed!" Her face suddenly flushed as she heated up for some reason. She was afraid Zhuang Yi and Tang Huahua would notice something was weird, so she quickly rolled the windows down. She stared out the window.