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Chapter 819: A Confession For The Whole World To Hear (19)

 Chapter 819: A Confession For The Whole World To Hear (19)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

At the blink of an eye, he completely filled her up. Her heart and her body trembled unusually violently and both her arms started to gently shiver as he held her down.

With every move, his range grew wider and he was more forceful.

Soon enough, they were drenched. Their soaking wet bodies were entwined till you didn't know who was who.

The feeling of reuniting after such a long time and regaining what they lost made them feel more engrossed in the sex.

Their first time was when she was eighteen years old. They were really drunk and besides the pain, she didn't have any other memory of it.

The second time happened at the production party for "Three Thousand Lunatics." She was a drunken mess, and after she woke up, aside from feeling helpless and confused, she didn't feel anything else.

The day before they finished filming "Jiuchong Palace," there was no way for them to enjoy their sex with the thought of parting ways.

Come to think of it, this was the first time they were really having sex.

With that thought, Ji Yi wrapped her arms around He Jichen's neck and kissed his lips.

Her forwardness made He Jichen thrust harder.

The internet was still raving on about #antijiyiandhejichen. The hashtag skyrocketed to the top trending topics.

The reporters at the hotel entrance didn't have the slightest intention of leaving. Some reporters were hungry, so they ate hot dogs as they waited.

Zhang Yi and Tang Huahua's phones still rang non-stop.

No matter how chaotic the world was outside, in the hotel, it seemed like Ji Yi and He Jichen were living in a different world. They only had eyes for each other.


At the same time, in Beijing.

Cheng Weiwan's heart had been feeling completely unsettled after bumping into Chen Bai yesterday at Muqing Publishing.

Tonight, she felt unprecedentedly flustered.

After dinner, Cheng Han sat alone on the living room rug, playing with his toys. Cheng Weiwan turned on the TV to watch the annual Television Awards.

Halfway into the Television Awards, she didn't know what was broadcasting. Cheng Han wanted to drink water, so he called her a few times "mummy" but she didn't hear his cries. Eventually, Cheng Han had to wobble over to her and tug on her clothes for her to snap out of her daze and pour Cheng Han some water.

At nine in the evening, Cheng Weiwan carried Cheng Han to bed on time. While she told Cheng Han a bedtime story, she made many mistakes.

Having talked Cheng Han to sleep, Cheng Weiwan softly got out of the bed and walked out the door. She wanted to secretly go and complete today's unfinished script, but when she closed the bedroom door, the doorbell rang.

Who could be looking for her in the middle of the night?

Cheng Weiwan's heart suddenly raced unusually violently.

She was afraid Cheng Han would wake up from the doorbell, so she hurriedly walked over to the door and opened the door.

It was a middle-aged man in a black suit. Cheng Weiwan recognized him to be Xiao Zhang, Han Zhifan's driver.

Xiao Zhang saw Cheng Weiwan. He immediately smiled and bowed. "Miss Cheng, long time no see."

A few simple words instantly and completely drained the blood from Cheng Weiwan's face.

She didn't say anything but Xiao Zhang didn't mind as he continued to politely say, "Miss Cheng, may I trouble you to please come with me? Mr. Han wants to see you."

She guessed long ago that Chen Bai was going to tell Han Zhifan and he was going to eventually come knocking at her door. She just never imagined he would move so quickly...