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Chapter 812: A Confession For The Whole Would to Hear (12)

 Chapter 812: A Confession For The Whole Would to Hear (12)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The awards ceremony was the same as every other year.

There was an interlude between every award where guest award presenters would say a few words, and the winners would give their speech.

In actuality, there weren't many award categories, so quite a lot of time was allotted for each award. They were two and a half hours into the show by the time the awards for the best actor and best actress were presented.

The awards for best actor and actress had always been the highlight of the Television Awards, so the presenters couldn't contain their excitement as they entered this award category.

"I think the most highly-anticipated part of our Television Awards must be the following segment of the show," said the male presenter.

"Yeah, I'm already really excited. I want to to know which male and female artist will take the two biggest awards this year," said the female presenter.

"Who do you think it will be?" asked the male presenter in an attempt to trap the female presenter.

"I'm not guessing just in case I offend someone," said the female presenter.

The entire audience laughed. Then the male presenter cued the guest presenter to step onto the stage.

After the guest went up on stage and stood between the two presenters, the female presenter announced, "First of all, let's bring our attention to the big screen. Here are the nominees for this year's award for best actress..."

The final video was the most memorable scene of "Jiuchong Palace." The female lead was standing in a long hallway, staring at the male lead's back as he walked further and further away. All of a sudden, she cried, "Can we really not go back to how things used to be?"

After the video finished playing, it stopped at the image of Ji Yi crying from the corners of her eyes. "And the fourth nominee for this year's best actress is Ji Yi from 'Jiuchong Palace.'"

The entire audience erupted in applause like an incoming tide.

After the applause subsided, the two presenters and the guest deliberately built up tension for a while before the male presenter made a gesture to signal the guest to finally announce the result.

The guest opened the card the staff gave her before she stepped up on stage. She glanced at it for a second before reading out: "The winner of this year's best actress award goes to..."

The guest purposefully stopped.

There was a long silence. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

After about ten seconds, the guest smiled and continued to say into the tall microphone: "The female lead for 'Jiuchong Palace,' Ji Yi."

Another thunderous roar of applause ensued.

Amidst the applause, the female presenter said, "Let's welcome Ji Yi up on stage to collect her award!"

Ji Yi made her way to the stage. She first shook hands with one artist after another on the way, each congratulating her. She even gave the director of "Jiuchong Palace" a big hug before she made her way up to the dazzling stage.

"Congratulations! Congratulations!"

Both presenters gave Ji Yi a hug.

The guest award presenter handed Ji Yi the award. Ji Yi reached both hands out then she held the award with one hand while hugging the guest with the other hand.

After the hugs, the guest stepped off the stage first.

The presenters surrounded Ji Yi and asked a few questions.

"Are you delighted?"


"Are you excited?"


Amidst the entire hall of laughter, the male presenter announced that the remaining amount of time would be left to Ji Yi as the female presenter retreated to the side of the stage.

Ji Yi was wearing a starry dress and under the stage lights, the dense stars on the dress glowed brightly.