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Chapter 784: I Dont Want Someone Better, I Just Want You (4)

 Chapter 784: I Don't Want Someone Better, I Just Want You (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

When it came time to pay, the shop assistant handed Ji Yi a piece of paper and a pen then told her that the rings could be engraved. She asked her if she wanted an engraving and if she did, she could write it on that piece of paper.

Ji Yi took the pen and paper, and after some deep thought, she raised the pen and wrote down the word "Ji" on the paper.

As they left the jewelry shop, Tang Huahua couldn't help but ask, "Xiao Yi, why are you buying a diamond ring? It's not like you want to propose, right?"

"Is there any other use for diamond rings?" Ji Yi handed the receipt to Zhuang Yi. "Find some time the day after tomorrow and help me pick up the rings."

Tang Huahua was so excited; it looked like someone had proposed to her instead. "So, you're really going to propose to He Xuezhang?!"

Ji Yi winked at Tang Huahua and asked in return, "If not, then are we going to get fake married again?"

After just three seconds of excitement, Tang Huahua's mood died down. "But Xiao Yi, have you ever considered that you can't even meet up with He Xuezhang, so how are you going to propose?"

"I'm going to think up a plan to trick him into coming out!" replied Ji Yi light-heartedly.

"Trick him? How?" Zhuang Yi also joined in on Ji Yi and Tang Huahua's conversation.

"Yeah. How?" A glint appeared in Tang Huahua's eyes as she assumed Ji Yi had a good plan.

Ji Yi shook her head and answered honestly. "Haven't thought of it yet."

Tang Huahua heart dropped once again.


That very night, before thinking it through, Ji Yi called Chen Bai, Han Zhifan, Fatty in Sucheng, and Li Da, who married Bo He, and told them her thoughts. After telling them, she asked them to help think of a plan to trick He Jichen into coming out no matter what.

After speaking with them, Ji Yi added them all into a group chat so everyone could message each other.

The first to ask He Jichen out was Li Da, but he didn't pick up the phone.

Then Chen Bai asked He Jichen out. He picked up but declined to meet up with Chen Bai.

Fatty mercilessly made fun of Chen Bai and Li Da for a moment and bragged in the chat for a while. Then he picked up his phone and gave He Jichen a call. The call connected, but it was worse than Li Da and Fatty's experience. The call rang twice before He Jichen hung up straight away. When Fatty called again, he got the busy tone, followed by: "Sorry, the number you have dialed is currently in a call." People who knew better immediately understood that He Jichen had blocked Fatty's number.

With three people down, the group tried to analyze why they failed as they also discussed what to do next.

Just when Chen Bai suggested they kidnap Ji Yi, threaten He Jichen, and trick him into coming out, Han Zhifan finally sent a message in the group chat while he @JiYi: "Plans made. 8 PM, the day after tomorrow, The Golden Lounge."

Chen Bai: "?????"

Fatty: "!#$#%#%^"

Li Da:"!!!!!"

Tang Huahua: "Woah! Mr. Han, you're awesome!"

Zhuang Yi: "Mr. Han's really THE man!"

Bo He: "Mr. Han is 6 feet 2!"

Chen Bai: "Jealous."

Fatty: "I'm jealous too."

Li Da: "Wifey..." *pitiful emoji*

Ji Yi: "For real?"

Han Zhifan: "Yeah."

Chen Bai: "Mr. Han, how did you do it?"

Li Da and Fatty sent a message at the same time: "Same question."

Han Zhifan was probably busy and had no time to send messages in the group chat.