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Chapter 778: Taking Back My Favored Consort! (28)

 Chapter 778: Taking Back My Favored Consort! (28)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi continued to turn a deaf ear to what He Jichen said and stared unwaveringly at Xia Yuan. "...He Jichen is my husband. I won't allow for any woman to have indecent thoughts about him. Today, I'm just giving you a reminder. If you ever do something like coming to see him alone as you did tonight, I absolutely won't take it lying down!" continued Ji Yi.

This was a picture He Jichen had never dared to dream of. However, he had no time to cherish this moment because Xia Yuan got married over a year ago and just had a baby earlier in the year...

"Xiao Yi, listen to me..." said He Jichen for the third time.

Why's he stopping me? Shouldn't he be helping me kick Xia Yuan out?

Having been interrupted by He Jichen, Ji Yi didn't wait for him to finish speaking before abruptly turning her head and glaring at He Jichen. "Shut up! If there's anything you want to say, it can wait until after I've dealt with her!"


"He Jichen, don't assume I have no idea the marriage certificate you kept is ours! I suggest that you behave and not say a word..." This time, He Jichen barely managed to make out one word when Ji Yi saw He Jichen's lips moving again and aggressively cut him off by adding, "If you say another word, you best believe I'll sue you for having an affair!"

Don't assume I have no idea the marriage certificate you kept is ours...

Every word of Ji Yi's was like a landmine, exploding in He Jichen's ears and causing his mind to go completely blank. After a whole minute passed, his train of thought started to gradually turn again.

So she was actually serious about what she just said to Xia Yuan. She wasn't just going after Xia Yuan and blurting out random nonsense. But... how did she know that the marriage certificate in my possession was ours? If she knows that, she must know He Yuguang died and that I was pretending to be He Yuguang all that time...

Ji Yi didn't know that her words caused He Jichen's mind to wander. Seeing as he wasn't saying anything else, she assumed she must've shocked him. That was when her sharp gaze shot back to Xia Yuan's face.

Xia Yuan didn't know anyone else in the apartment aside from He Jichen, who she was familiar with. Now that she was indiscriminately being yelled at by Ji Yi, she was at a complete loss, so her natural reaction was to turn to He Jichen. Like before, her eyes continued to stare at He Jichen.

The expression on Xia Yuan's face fell into Ji Yi's line of sight and aggravated her broiling jealousy even more intensely.

I'm He Jichen's lawfully protected wife. Only I'm qualified to stare so transfixed at He Jichen like Xia Yuan is doing now. What right does Xia Yuan have to look at He Jichen?

Ji Yi truly felt it was an eyesore. With that thought, she took one step forward and blocked Xia Yuan's gaze at He Jichen.

Ji Yi's face suddenly came into Xia Yuan's sight, causing her whole body to shiver from shock. She hadn't completely stabilized when Ji Yi's gaze was glued to her face. "You don't need to stare at him so much. There's no use looking at him. If he says one word to protect you today, then I'll beat both of you up!"

"Don't go thinking I'm just scaring you! I keep my word! While you're now young and pretty, I suggest you hurry up and find someone suitable to get married to. Don't go lusting over another woman's man, or you'll get your name dragged through the dirt and you'll end up being the one embarrassed!"

"Of course, maybe you still want to get close to He Jichen as his mistress, but I advise you to drop that idea! I'll never divorce He Jichen. If he dares to take you home in the middle of the night, I'll break his legs. At the very worst, I'll just take care of him for the rest of my life!"

After Ji Yi finished saying what she wanted to say, she didn't even want to look at Xia Yuan's reaction. "Miss Xia, I've clearly said everything I wanted to say. May I ask if you can now leave?" said Ji Yi directly to send her off.

As she said this, Ji Yi stepped aside from standing in front of He Jichen just to make way for Xia Yuan to head downstairs.

As Ji Yi drew closer, the sweet scent of her body bore into He Jichen's nose, abruptly waking He Jichen from his daze.

Though he didn't hear everything she said to Xia Yuan in much detail, he could tell by the expression on Xia Yuan's face that Ji Yi definitely said something unpleasant.

If Xia Yuan really liked him and deliberately wanted to get closer to him, then what Ji Yi did would be appropriate. However, it seemed like Ji Yi got it all wrong... Without even thinking twice about it, He Jichen said, "Xia Yuan, I'm terribly sorry for putting you through this. I'll see you out downstairs."

He Jichen actually wants to see Xia Yuan out?

Ji Yi's eyes suddenly widened as she glared at He Jichen.

He Jichen ignored Ji Yi's unsatisfied glares; he walked around her and headed down the stairs.

Without a moment's hesitation, Ji Yi reached out and grabbed He Jichen's sleeve. "He Jichen!"

"I'm seeing her out. I'll explain things to you when I get back." Seeing as Ji Yi wasn't willing to loosen her clutch, He Jichen pried her fingers off him.

Ji Yi tightened her grip on his sleeve. She didn't say anything but looked at He Jichen's eyes as a hint of red slowly and clearly crept into her eyes.

He Jichen's heart shuddered as the force he used to pry Ji Yi's fingers away instantly disappeared to nothing.

He knew full well that they would never have a future together and he shouldn't indulge her as he did before. However, even if he wanted to draw a line between them and never see her ever again, now that he saw the rims of her eyes turning red, he didn't hesitate to give in as though it was his natural instinct...

Deep down, He Jichen softly sighed in relief. A few seconds later, he turned his head and looked over at Xia Yuan.

He wanted to hand her the document in his hands and to truly apologize for today.

Unaware of his thoughts, Ji Yi gritted her teeth in anger as she watched He Jichen looking at Xia Yuan, thinking that he was still going to see Xia Yuan off. Her mind wandered back to the night she saw Xia Yuan calling He Jichen. She remembered what she did at the time. Then she reached out, forcefully pushing He Jichen's face away from Xia Yuan and towards herself.

Without a care for Xia Yuan beside them nor Tang Huahua and Ning Shuang downstairs, Ji Yi tip-toed and kissed He Jichen's lips. This made He Jichen swallow back the words he was going to say to Xia Yuan.

He Jichen's body froze as he instinctively wanted to pull Ji Yi into his embrace.

Before he could move, knowing that He Jichen was going to react that way, Ji Yi wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.