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Chapter 764: Taking Back My Favored Consort! (14)

 Chapter 764: Taking Back My Favored Consort! (14)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"Today, I'll say it right here and now. Between us, I will always steal your roles and it'll never be the other way round!"

"Don't tell me I'm taking things too far or going overboard, because I never bullied anyone. Even if I did, they couldn't be human!"

Qian Ge stared at Ji Yi's eyes with her face flushed with anger.

Ji Yi didn't give her any chance to speak and continued to say, "Don't glare at me with those eyes. You were only picked on today because you were asking for it! For over a year now, you must've spent your days pissed. I stole commercial after commercial from you and sabotaged one television series after another. I even stole your site traffic from your live broadcasts..."

"...Let me make this clear, the past year or so is just the beginning. As long as I live, don't ever count on having a good day's work. On days when I'm pissed, I'll take it out on you!"

"So, I suggest that from now on, don't try to mess with me. If you see me, it's best for you to hide far away. Who knows - if I'm in a good mood, maybe I'll let you breathe a little!"

JI Yi was so angry that she held her breath throughout her entire rant. Without even so much as a glance at Qian Ge, she straightened up, turned around and walked over to Tang Huahua.

After taking just two steps, Qian Ge said with a trembling, angry voice: "Don't think that I don't know why you're picking on me. Isn't it because I ruined him?"

Even though Qian Ge didn't mention his name, Ji Yi knew she was talking about He Jichen.

Her footsteps came to a sudden stop.

"Even if you shattered a floor full of ceramics, so what? He won't come back to your side. Don't think I don't know that you have feelings for him now. Last year, I came across you crying over his photo!"

"You say you're making life hard for me because you're pissed, but what I did back then never gave you a single day's happiness. Am I right?"

"So do you really think you beat me? Between us, you've always lost to me. Haven't you?"

With her back to Qian Ge, Ji Yi slowly turned around after hearing her words and looked back at her.

Ji Yi looked far calmer than her righteous, domineering self earlier. In fact, her voice even sounded a lot more composed as she said, "I may not be happy every day because he left, but so what? At the very least, he loves me. He gave up his prestigious university and his duty to take over the family business just to come to Beijing. He created YC for me and to defeat you, and he left for me."

"Even if he isn't by my side now, I know he's the person I hated, I avoided, I liked, I gave up on, and now, he's still someone I remember. I'm someone he deeply spoiled, got angry over, argued with, sacrificed for, and now, someone he really loves."

"I can wait for him. As long as I wait for him, we'll be together someday. But for you? You loved him so much. You used both good and bad methods, yet you were never able to have him. Even if you waited ten years for him, twenty years, or even a whole lifetime, he'll never be with you!"

"Between us, who do you think won?"

As Ji Yi's questions escaped her lips, Qian Ge's arrogant gaze became embarrassed after thinking she had the upper hand.