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Chapter 760: Taking Back My Favored Consort! (10)

 Chapter 760: Taking Back My Favored Consort! (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

This time, He Jichen didn't even give Ning Shuang a response.

When Ning Shuang heard the soft sound of pages turning, her lips twitched and she mumbled, "Mute Stone Face" then continued to hang up the phone.


On the afternoon of the eighteenth, Chen Bai made lunch plans to meet Ji Yi and a reputable and virtuous senior director on the sixth floor of a steakhouse.

The lunch went smoothly, and they could tell that the senior director was satisfied with Ji Yi and was interested in working with her for their next major movie.

The senior director had an afternoon meeting at two, so the business lunch ended after no more than ninety minutes.

Chen Bai also had an appointment to discuss a collaboration, so he had to head back to Huan Ying Entertainment.

The revolving restaurant, Lilac, was near SKP, so Ji Yi didn't bother rushing home. Seeing as she had no plans in the afternoon and she hadn't been shopping in a long time, she met up with Tang Huahua, who was waiting at a nearby cafe, to go shopping.

Because it was a weekday, there weren't many people at the shopping mall. New collections of clothing weren't released yet and there weren't many clothes and shoes to buy, so Ji Yi and Tang Huahua shopping in the cosmetics section on the first floor. Ji Yi chose a few hot colors of lipstick then headed straight for the fourth floor.

Ji Yi actually wanted to buy a pair of shoes, so she casually circled the mall, but she couldn't seem to find a pair she liked. Instead, she spotted a porcelain shop in the far southern part of the fourth floor.

Ji Yi suddenly remembered that the director, who she was filming with a few days ago, invited her to his birthday party in a few day's time. During the shoot, as they sat together and chatted, the director mentioned he was a lover of porcelain.

She had to bring a gift if she was going to the dinner party and the gift had to be something he liked. Since Ji Yi was already at the mall, she might as well give up shoe shopping and call Tang Huahua to go to the porcelain store.

"All of sudden, you wanna go shop at a porcelain store? I never knew you were interested in those kinds of things," said Tang Huahua quietly as she couldn't help but turn her head and look over at the porcelain store.

"It's Director Yilu's birthday in a few day's time. I want to pick one out for him," replied Ji Yi quietly. She then reached out to touch an azure vase.

"Oh, if you didn't mention it, I would've almost forgotten - Zhuang Yi called me last night to remind me to get Director Yilu a present." After Tang Huahua said this, she started to look at some porcelain with Ji Yi.

As they browsed, they quietly discussed the porcelain every now and then.

Their focus was on the porcelain, so they didn't notice that there were two other people also picking out porcelain when they walked in.

Ji Yi and Tang Huahua noted the porcelain they looked at and liked. After they finished browsing the porcelain store, Ji Yi pointed out the ones she liked, compared them, and chose the best one.

The porcelain store wasn't too big, so after Ji Yi and Tang Huahua finished browsing carefully, they called a customer service agent over.

Maybe it was because it was a vintage porcelain store, but the tall customer service agent was wearing a traditional Qipao dress. After she walked over to them, she asked Ji Yi and Tang Huahua in a low voice if there was anything she could help them with.

Ji Yi pointed at the ones she wanted on the shelf and said, "Could you please bring those porcelain pieces on the table and describe them to me?"

After the customer service agent heard what Ji Yi said, her expression looked a little strange.

Tang Huahua had sharp eyes and noticed something was off. She asked, "What's wrong? Is there some kind of problem?"