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Chapter 749: Im Not Single, Im Just Waiting For Someone (9)

 Chapter 749: I'm Not Single, I'm Just Waiting For Someone (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Soon after, the car drove quite some distance before disappearing deep into the night. Just then, someone in a black trenchcoat emerged from the alley by the cafe. The buttons were undone, so the corners of his clothes drifted in the cold wind.

He stared at the car driving off for a long time before he looked up at the sky. Then he walked over towards his car.

The breeze was strong and drifted into his ears non-stop.

He vaguely heard a woman's voice in his ears.

"I'm not single, I'm just waiting for someone."

"Yes, I've always been waiting for him to come back."

"He... He is the best person in the world, so no one else can enter my heart."

He slowly stopped walking forward.

Yeah, she was the best I've ever had in this world, so she deserves the best.

And I stopped being "the best" a long time ago.


On the way back, Ji Yi got a WeChat call from Zhuang Yi.

She wanted to chat about the new drama in the spring.

When Ji Yi left the house in the afternoon, she forgot to charge her phone. Soon after their phone call, her phone automatically popped up with a low battery notification.

Ji Yi quickly cut off Zhuang Yi and asked Tang Huahua for her phone. After Tang Huahua gave Ji Yi her fully-charged phone, she called Zhuang Yi again with her phone.

After about over ten minutes, she finally finished talking.

"Ask Xiao Yang to send the file straight to Huahua's WeChat." After Ji Yi hung up the WeChat call, she received the file on Tang Huahua's phone.

She exited the chat window and clicked on Xiao Yang's message. But then, she glanced at three words on Tang Huahua's phone that just popped up: "He Xuezhang."

From what I remember, Tang Huahua and He Jichen aren't close. Why are they exchanging WeChat messages?

And my name was mentioned in the displayed message...

Ji Yi raised her head and glanced up at Tang Huahua, who was focused on driving. She hesitated for a moment then sneakily clicked the conversation with He Jichen.

Tang Huahua and He Jichen's final message was last Chinese new year.

"He Xuezhang, Xiao Yi got in a scandal. They say she's copying Qian Ge's performance. I called her, but she didn't pick up."

Ji Yi furrowed her brows and continued to flick up. Most of the messages were sent from Tang Huahua to He Jichen, and each sentence was about her.

"He Xuezhang, Xiao Yi's at the dorms and she seems to be in a good mood."

"He Xuezhang, Xiao Yi ate the congee you asked me to give to her. Looks like she really liked it."

"He Xuezhang, Xiao Yi's not feeling well because of her period. She has some period pains."

"He Xuezhang, I gave Xiao Yi the brown sugar ginger tea that Zhang Sao made."

"He Xuezhang, look at these screenshots. Lin Ya's Moment's are saying this about Xiao Yi."

"He Xuezhang..."

It was no wonder why Ji Yi had always been confused. The Yuguang Ge she met was He Jichen, but there were so many things she never told He Jichen, yet "Yuguang Ge" always came when she needed him most. So it turned out that... Huahua... was giving He Jichen intel.

The car stopped outside Ji Yi's building. Tang Huahua got out and ran over to pull Ji Yi's car door open.