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Chapter 737: As It Turns Out, Shes Cola Girl (7)

 Chapter 737: As It Turns Out, She's Cola Girl (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

What virtues and abilities do I possess for him to treat me this well?

She really wanted to ask him: why does he like me? Why did he sacrifice so much? Why didn't he say anything and just silently protected me?

She had many, many questions that she wanted to ask him, but she couldn't see him anymore...

She was too slow-witted and realized everything too late, so now, the heavens could no longer sit and watch. That was why she was being punished to find out everything after she lost him.

"Xiao Yi, there's something I want to ask of you. If you ever meet Chen Ge again one day, I really hope you can take the initiative a little more." Fatty was feeling a little down and his voice was quite sad because he'd been talking about He Jichen. "I know you can't force love, but Xiao Yi, there's a type of love you can't disappoint."

Ji Yi wanted to reply to Fatty, but her voice was stifled like crazy. In the end, she only nodded fiercely.

After a while, she managed to speak: "I will."

If I ever meet him one day, I'll take the initiative.

The Yuguang Ge I liked was him.

The He Jichen I deeply love is him.

After waking up from my three-year-long coma, I've only been surrounded by the most wonderful things because of him.

So, I'll wait for him. I'll always wait and wait to see him again, so I can take the initiative.

I actually hate waiting usually, but this time, I quite like waiting.

I'm willing to start counting down to when we'll meet again.

At that thought, even though she was still crying, Ji Yi's lips broke into a smile.

I'll wait for you.

Maybe when the day comes, I'll be white and old, my teeth will have fallen out, I'll slur my words, and I'll make no sense.

But that's okay. I'll still wait for you.

After you show up, I'm going to embrace you tightly and never let you go.

Because I'm the true love of your life and you are the most loved person in my life.

Because there's a type of love you can't disappoint.


In a small town in France.

At eight in the evening, a taxi stopped in front of a bar.

After about a minute, the door opened and a man stepped out.

He wore a black trenchcoat over his tall and slender body.

It seemed like he had been to this bar many times. After he pushed the door open and entered, he didn't bother waiting for the waiter; he walked down the familiar path over to an empty table at the furthest part of the bar and took a seat.

The bartender behind the counter noticed him as soon as he entered. After he sat down, he then turned his head and said to the waiter, "Look, that Chinese man's back again. I've been paying attention to him for a long time now. For the last month, he turns up in that seat at the same time. Then he drinks a lot of wine and as soon as he starts drinking, he'll go all night long."

The waiter was a Chinese woman. When she heard the bartender say this, she couldn't help but glance over to where the man was sitting.

Soon enough, more people started to fill up the bar. Everyone started to get busy working, so the bartender and waiter didn't have time to chitchat, but every now and then, they shot glances at the man.

It really was just as the bartender said - he sat there on his own and endlessly downed the wine.

He was drunk before midnight.

On the way to the restroom, the waiter deliberately walked around the man's table to see that he was spread out on the table while mumbling to himself.