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Chapter 719: He Jichen is……He Yuguang (29)

 Chapter 719: He Jichen is......He Yuguang (29)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"Let me tell you, Ji Yi. I'm not the one who forced him to take this step today!"

Qian Ge's tone of voice turned a little stern. "It was you!"

"You made him come to this!"

Ji Yi furrowed her brows as a slight chill flashed in her eyes.

Having clearly caught wind of the chill in her eyes, the corners of Qian Ge's lips curved into an arrogant, cold smirk. "What's wrong? Don't you believe me?"

"Weren't you asking when that happened and why?"

"I'll tell you now - it happened on the thirty-second day after you slipped into a coma from that car accident!"

Qian Ge's words lingered in Ji Yi's mind for ten seconds before her heart suddenly shivered.

The thirty-second day after I slipped into a coma from that car accident...

Don't tell me... don't tell me He Jichen did it because...because... Ji Yi's fingers instinctively clutched her sleeves. She was suddenly scared and she didn't dare to continue thinking about it.

Qian Ge vaguely knew what Ji Yi was thinking from the expression on her face. The next second, she immediately said, "That's right. He stabbed me because of you!"

As she said this, Qian Ge reached out and quickly undid the buttons of her shirt, grabbed her collar and revealed her upper body to Ji Yi.

On the left side of her chest, there was a striking, horrific scar on her soft, fair skin.

She pointed at the scar as she stared at Ji Yi and continued, "Do you see this? This scar is all thanks to you!"

"All these years, every time I shower, I've gritted my teeth hating you while staring at this scar in the mirror!"

"If it weren't for you, he never would've stabbed me! Did you know how happy I was that night when he called my name? But then he reached out and stabbed me!"

"And did you know how much I liked him? I liked him enough to choose to forgive him even after he stabbed me!"

"If you hadn't woken up... if you hadn't come back to showbiz and fought with me... if you hadn't stolen my thunder... if he hadn't ruined my reputation for your sake, I never would've done that to him!"

"So Ji Yi, you're the one who ruined him. You dragged him down. You made someone as perfect as him, imperfect!"

"It was you..."

Before Qian Ge could finish, Ji Yi suddenly raised her hand and smacked Qian Ge hard on the face.

*Bam* The slap hit Qian Ge right on her cheek.

The room was silent for a couple seconds as Qian Ge slowly touched the area where she was slapped. Then she turned her head and looked over at Ji Yi. "You..."

She was interrupted when Ji Yi cried, "Do you know why I came by today?"

Without waiting for Qian Ge to speak, Ji Yi continued: "I came by today not only for answers but to also hit you!" she exclaimed as she raised her hand and slapped Qian Ge hard across the face again.

Ji Yi's second slap was harder than her first.

After she was done, she didn't give Qian Ge any chance to react and slapped her again.

Before the crisp sound of her slap fell, Ji Yi actually looked down at Qian Ge and coldly said, "I've seen shameless people before, but I've never seen anyone as shameless as you!"