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Chapter 714: He Jichen is……He Yuguang (24)

 Chapter 714: He Jichen is......He Yuguang (24)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi said that out of nowhere, so Chen Bai and Zhuang Yi had no idea what she was saying. Zhuang Yi stopped in her tracks, glanced at Chen Bai then said, "Xiao Yi..."

Perhaps it was Zhuang Yi who brought her back to her senses or perhaps it was herself. However, before Zhuang Yi could finish, Ji Yi withdrew her gaze from the window, looked over at Chen Bai and Zhuang Yi then calmly said, "I'm getting out of the car here."

"Here?" asked Zhuang Yi in bewilderment. Without thinking, she shook her head in disagreement. "This is quite some distance from your place. You only just got out of the hospital, so it's best if you don't go running off on your own."

"I'm fine and I don't want to run off. I just want to eat at that restaurant." Ji Yi pointed at the Thai restaurant out the window.

It's half-past ten, yet she wants to have lunch?

Although Zhuang Yi was confused, she didn't ask any more questions. Instead, she was still worried so she said, "Then I'll come with."

"No thanks. I can go by myself," replied Ji Yi.

"But..." Zhuang Yi wasn't done talking but Chen Bai, who knew she dined at that restaurant with He Jichen before, stopped her. "Then Miss Ji, you be careful on your own. If you need anything, call us at any time."

"Mhm," replied Ji Yi as she shot a smile at Chen Bai. She then picked up her handbag and reached her hand out to open the car door.

"Xiao Yi..." said Zhuang Yi anxiously. She didn't understand, but Chen Bai shook his head at her and stopped her. In the end, she gave in to Chen Bai and let Ji Yi walk into the Thai restaurant.


It was too early. There wasn't a single customer in the restaurant as Ji Yi entered and was greeted by the waiting staff. She was free to sit wherever she liked, so she chose to sit at the window seat where she and He Jichen sat last time.

The restaurant would start serving food at half-past eleven. Ji Yi wasn't in a hurry, so she silently sat there on her own, waiting.

Since she came so early and waited for so long, the restaurant took particular care with her. At twenty past eleven, the waiter picked up a menu and walked over to her.

Ji Yi flipped through the menu and ordered everything she had last time with He Jichen.

The waiter noticed she ordered so many dishes and couldn't help but ask, "Miss, may I ask how many people will be dining?"

Ji Yi's fingers quivered slightly as she flipped through the menu. After a short while, she softly replied, "Two."

The waiter put on a smile and continued to ask, "Excuse me miss, would you like the dishes now, or would you rather wait for your friend to arrive?"

Ji Yi lowered her eyes. "Now."

"Yes, madam. Please wait."

After the waiter left, Ji Yi stared at the seat He Jichen sat in last time and blanked out.

The dishes arrived quickly.

Ji Yi grabbed her chopsticks and started to eat alone quietly.

After she ate half, she stopped and stared at the empty seat and clean plate opposite her for a long time. Then she gently moved her lips and muttered, "I will."

"I'll never eat hot and spicy soup again."

"I won't sleep late anymore."

Ji Yi muttered as though she was really back to that day when she was talking to He Jichen. Then she continued with a smile on her lips: "You too, He Jichen. Don't stay up late for work."

"Mhm, I'll work out and eat well..."

As Ji Yi continued to talk, tears fell from the corners of her eyes.