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Chapter 713: He Jichen is……He Yuguang (23)

 Chapter 713: He Jichen is......He Yuguang (23)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Gradually, her condition started to improve, day by day.

She didn't need the IV drip anymore and her fever subsided. Her strength slowly recovered and her weight started to rise again...

Half a month later, Ji Yi returned back to normal and was discharged from the hospital.

Before she left the hospital, she gave Zhuang Yi many orders.

"I'll take part in events that I have to attend, but I want to be home before eleven."

Because I need to listen to what he said and quit staying up late.

"In the future, if we're ordering takeout, I don't want to eat hot and spicy soup, crayfish or any food like that."

Those were Ji Yi's favorite foods, so after Zhuang Yi heard this, she was clearly in disbelief. "Don't want to eat?"

Ji Yi softly replied "Mhm." She didn't say anything else. However, deep down, she secretly added: Because he said to eat less and to cut down as much as possible.

"In the future, give me more hot drinks. Don't give me ice cream or cold drinks..."

As Ji Yi said this, she suddenly remembered the production party. When she clinked a bottle of ice-cold beer with someone, He Jichen grabbed it from her and exchanged it for a cup of hot tea while he talked business with someone else.

Ever since they'd known each other, he'd paid attention and gotten to know her habits better than she did.

Now he wasn't by her side anymore and no one was around to pay attention to those things, so she had to take care of herself...

Ji Yi blinked and pushed down the sore feeling in her eyes and continued to say, "Throw away the VC pills I asked you to get me. In the future, I want to eat fruit every afternoon, so remember to prepare it in advance."

"And I have to eat three meals a day..."

It felt like something was stuck in her throat as Ji Yi found it unusually hard to swallow. She pushed down that feeling and continued to say, "...Organize my schedule as you normally do, but I need to go to the gym two to three times a week. Put me in touch with a personal trainer again."

I'll try hard to live the way you wished.

I'll try hard to live well and be healthy.

Because it's what you wanted...

"Do you have anything else you want me to take note of?" asked Zhuang Yi as Ji Yi didn't say anything for a while.

Ji Yi stopped her train of thought and shook her head at Zhuang Yi. "Nope."

Not long after Ji Yi said that, the door to the hospital room opened. Having finished her discharge procedures, Chen Bai walked into the room. "Miss Ji, everything's done. You can leave now."

Ji Yi gently nodded without saying a word and got up.

Zhuang Yi packed everything up and carried it on the way out, behind Ji Yi.

After emerging from the hospital, Chen Bai drove to Ji Yi's parent's home.

En route, they were passing YR plaza when Ji Yi suddenly said, "Stop the car."

Chen Bai hastily stopped the car.

Ji Yi stared at the Thai restaurant in YR plaza through the window.

Chen Bai saw that Ji Yi wasn't saying anything, so he said, "Miss Ji?"

Ji Yi didn't react but continued to stare out the window without blinking.

Chen Bai didn't understand and turned his head to glance at Zhuang Yi, who got his message. Just as Zhuang Yi was going to nudge Ji Yi a little and ask her what was wrong, Ji Yi suddenly mumbled, "So, you were saying goodbye back then."