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Chapter 703: He Jichen is……He Yuguang (13)

 Chapter 703: He Jichen is......He Yuguang (13)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After his voice fell, He Jichen didn't wait for a reaction from Chen Bai and turned right around. Without looking back, he entered the security check.

He saw her before Chen Bai did, but he just pretended otherwise.

He knew she was there to see him off and he was very happy, but he didn't have the courage to hear her say goodbye.

Because he was afraid that if he heard her speak, he wouldn't bear to leave...


As she left the airport, Ji Yi happened to bump into Chen Bai.

He was standing at the exit next to the trash can, taking big drags of his cigarette.

Ji Yi never thought Chen Bai was the smoking type, but seeing as he choked, maybe it was his first time. When she saw him, he immediately straightened up from his frantic coughing.

His head shot up as Ji Yi simultaneously noticed him.

Ji Yi didn't manage to avoid him in time, so all she could do was to stop walking.

Chen Bai bumped into her, not surprised at all. He immediately put out his cigarette then walked over to her. "Miss Ji."

Ji Yi put her head down to hide the redness in her eyes and gently let out an "Mhm."

"Heading back to the city?" asked Chen Bai.

Even though Chen Bai didn't ask why she was there, Ji Yi heard what he asked and realized he knew.

She didn't shy away and nodded, "Yeah."

"Let's go, I'll take you," said Chen Bai.

Ji Yi didn't decline his offer and followed Chen Bai to the parking lot.

As they crossed the road, Ji Yi couldn't resist but gently ask Chen Bai, "Is he gone?"

Chen Bai didn't stop walking. Just as they were about to reach the car, he said, "Yes."

That simple word suddenly stopped Ji Yi's footsteps.

Chen Bai pulled the car door open, but seeing as Ji Yi didn't get in, he turned back and called her, "Miss Ji."

Ji Yi snapped back to reality, walked over to the car door and entered the car.

The two of them didn't say a single word on the way back to the city.

The lively city looked just as it always had, but Ji Yi felt like the scene outside looked frighteningly unfamiliar.

Ji Yi stared out the window silently throughout the whole journey without blinking. As they were about to reach China World Hotel Beijing, she finally asked, "Has he really left?"

This time, Chen Bai didn't hesitate and quickly replied, "Yes."

Ji Yi didn't reply.

The car stopped silently at the entrance of China World Hotel Beijing. Chen Bai got out of the car and helped Ji Yi pull the car door open.

After Ji Yi got out of the car and straightened up, she stared at the hotel entrance and moved her lips again. "He left?"

It felt like something was lodged in Chen Bai's throat as he felt an unspeakable ache. Shortly after, his Adam's apple bobbed up and down as he forced out the word, "Yes."

Ji Yi didn't say anything again and walked into the hotel like a ghost.

Seeing her like this, Chen Bai was a little worried. "Miss Ji?"

Ji Yi looked as though she hadn't heard what he said and continued walking forward one step at a time like she was sleep-walking.

After walking away five or six meters, Chen Bai vaguely heard the same words drifting out from Ji Yi's mouth: "Has he left?"

Chen Bai felt something piercing his heart harshly as his breath was suddenly stifled.

Yes... He's gone...


That night, Ji Yi had a fever.

Zhuang Yi looked after her at the hospital and heard her mumbling all night long.

Though she was mumbling, from beginning to end, she repeated two words like a crazy person: "He left? He left..."