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Chapter 671: Youre the Joy of my Adolescence, the Adolescent Who I Liked (11)

 Chapter 671: You're the Joy of my Adolescence, the Adolescent Who I Liked (11)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She didn't read the contents of the document but flipped straight to the final page.

Though it happened over ten days ago, Ji Yi still felt a sharp knife piercing her heart when she saw He Jichen's signature. It hurt so much that she couldn't breathe.

After a good while, Ji Yi eventually recovered from the sharp pain. She found a pen and without a moment's hesitation, she quickly wrote the two words "Ji Yi" on the signature line.

There were three copies of the document. When the time came to sign the final one, Ji Yi couldn't hold back her emotions as a single tear crashed down on the "Ji" part of He Jichen's name.

After she finished writing "Yi," Ji Yi forcefully piled the papers together then collapsed to the table, sobbing.

In the past, she was devastated when she had to give up on He Yuguang, but compared to that, she now knew that wasn't really devastation back then.

She realized that she merely liked He Yuguang, but regarding He Jichen, she had the temptation to love him for the rest of her life.

Say... When I was young, how was I so infatuated with He Yuguang?

Say... Why did He Yuguang and He Jichen have to be brothers?

Say... Why couldn't Yuguang from "I only see you" be about He Jichen?

Say... After reuniting with him, how could I have married He Yuguang?

Say... If all I saw was He Jichen and "forever" also included He Jichen, how great would that be...?

Say, why are there so many "say"s... Nobody could've known that in the very end, she would fall in love with He Jichen who she used to hate so much.

A long while passed when Ji Yi finally stopped crying.

She sat up, raised her hand, and wiped the tears from her face. Then she reached for her phone and found Chen Bai's number.

She was just about to call him but remembered how hoarse her voice would probably be from crying then decided to text him instead. "I signed it. Can I send them to you by express delivery?"

Soon enough, Ji Yi received a reply from Chen Bai. "Thank you, Miss Ji. Sorry to trouble you."

Ji Yi wanted to reply with "You're welcome," but her hand was trembling so hard that she couldn't text. In the end, she exited her chat with Chen Bai and called the front desk to ask them to request a delivery company.

Ji Yi put the phone down and stepped into the bathroom.

After she freshened up, the hotel phone happened to ring. It was the front desk calling to tell her that the delivery person had arrived for her.

With a word of "Thanks," Ji Yi hung up, quickly got dressed and headed downstairs.

After she sent the document off, Ji Yi didn't go back to the room but hailed a cab into the city.

She couldn't let herself be depressed all alone in her room. She had to go out and do something...

En route, Ji Yi gave Tang Huahua a call.

Seeing as she had no classes that afternoon and Tang Huahua and Bo He were sleeping in the dorms, Ji Yi figured that she might as well ask them to go window shopping.

Ji Yi really never imagined that she would bump into He Jichen that evening at "The Golden Lounge."

After she, Tang Huahua, and Bo He finished window shopping, they all went to eat hot pot. Seeing that it was still early, she didn't want to go back to the hotel, so she figured she might as well treat Tang Huahua and Bo He out to sing at "The Golden Lounge."

Because she had to shoot the next day, Ji Yi didn't drink too much, but light-weight Tang Huahua drank just two glasses and was tipsy.

As she went to the restroom with Tang Huahua, Ji Yi bumped into He Jichen on her way back to the private room.