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Chapter 655: Do You Know Who I Have A Crush On? (5)

 Chapter 655: Do You Know Who I Have A Crush On? (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Having not seen her for a while, it looked like she'd lost quite a lot of weight... Is she tired out by filming?

While He Jichen wiped his hands in front of Ji Yi, her eyes scanned his body non-stop.

A while back, Zhuang Yi sent her a video. Ji Yi could tell with just one glance that he had lost weight. She never imagined he would show up tonight. He actually looked skinnier than she imagined... Is he tired out from working?

With that thought, Ji Yi's gaze couldn't help but drift over to He Jichen again.

Thinking of her too, He Jichen glanced over at Ji Yi again. Their gazes happened to cross and meet dead on.

He Jichen stopped wiping his hands for a moment then continued to slowly wipe his hands. Then he repeated the question she asked him when they saw each other again. "How come you're here?"

"Oh..." Ji Yi replied instinctively. She hurriedly snapped out of her thoughts about He Jichen's body and replied, "... I don't know what happened, but Wanwan's been in a particularly bad mood lately. I wanted to see her and ask her something about the script, but she asked me to go out with her for a bit, so we came here."

Knowing exactly why Cheng Weiwan was in a terrible mood, He Jichen let out a "Mmmm." He didn't speak out of turn and chucked the tissue in the trash can after wiping his hands.

At the mention of "Wanwan," Ji Yi remembered Cheng Weiwan was still waiting for her at the bar.

She spent quite a bit of time there because of the drunk man. What if Cheng Weiwan's waiting anxiously for me...? At that thought, Ji Yi asked, "And you? Are you meeting a friend here?"

"Uh huh." With that, He Jichen stared unwaveringly at Ji Yi then realized his answer was too half-hearted, so he added, "To talk a bit about business."

So he's here for work, not for fun... Ji Yi thought about He Jichen countless times every day, but she didn't dare to go see him. Now that she bumped into him, she really wanted to look at him a little longer, but Cheng Weiwan was waiting for her and she didn't want to get in the way of his business. She stared at He Jichen for a while then smiled. "You better get back to work then. Wanwan is still inside waiting for me."

"Where do you want to go eat? I'll have Chen Bai take you girls." He Jichen turned around and walked into the bar.

Ji Yi walked also. "No thanks. Wanwan and I will call a taxi..."

Hearing Ji Yi's rejection, He Jichen realized he misspoke, so he added, "I just finished work, so I was just getting ready to leave."

"Oh, I see..." Ji Yi stopped mid-sentence.

He Jichen didn't say much else.

The two of them walked one after the other into the bar.

Chen Bai had already settled the bill and was holding He Jichen's jacket as he stood at the entrance, waiting for him.

Seeing He Jichen enter, he immediately cried "Mr. He" then he saw Ji Yi. He was surprised for a second then he quickly said, "Miss Ji."

Ji Yi replied to Chen Bai with a smile then instinctively looked over to where she was sitting earlier.

The table was empty. Aside from two empty glasses of orange juice there, Cheng Weiwan had left.

Ji Yi wanted to greet Chen Bai, but the words instantly stopped in her mouth. She surveyed the whole bar but couldn't find Cheng Weiwan.