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Chapter 648: The Unruly Heart (8)

 Chapter 648: The Unruly Heart (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Maybe she missed He Jichen so much that her sincerity touched the heavens, creating a chance for her and He Jichen to accidentally bump into each other.

But before Ji Yi and He Jichen bumped into each other by accident, two other people came in the way and accidentally met them first.


"Do you know what a woman's most afraid of? A woman isn't most afraid of falling for you completely, sharing all her secrets, or completely trusting you whole-heartedly, but she's afraid of you not loving her."

When Cheng Weiwan wrote the script for "Jiuchong Palace," she wrote this line for the young female lead.

She never imagined that there'd be a day when the words she wrote would happen to her, and it happened to be so similar to her situation like it was destined for her.

After she heard the shattering truth outside Han Zhifan's office that day, she sat in a daze by the sidewalk till late at night. She didn't come back to her senses until she started to feel a faint pain in her abdomen.

Even if she wasn't considerate of herself, she still couldn't bear to make the baby in her womb suffer, so she called a cab to take her back home.

After a hot shower and some food, Chen Weiwan took a cup of milk and sat by the window, staring at the beautiful, dazzling night sky. The more she thought about it, the more she felt like everything that happened was a nightmare.

Chen Weiwan knew Han Zhifan's secretary must've told him she went to his office and stood outside his door for so long. The thought of that started to make her feel worse. Han Zhifan wasn't stupid - he must've assumed she overheard his conversation with He Jichen.

After she turned and left, she had been waiting for Han Zhifan's call. She was waiting for him to tell her that she misheard. As long as he called to explain, she would choose to believe him despite knowing the truth.

But Cheng Weiwan waited day after day. After receiving phone call after phone call, she never got one from Han Zhifan.

Cheng Weiwan wasn't brave enough to see Han Zhifan and he didn't contact her, so their story came to an end the moment she eavesdropped at his door.

In the past, Cheng Weiwan wrote many stories where the female lead decisively cut off all ties with the lying male lead. She also wrote female leads so weak that they gave up everything to stay by the man's side despite knowing he didn't love her.

She created those characters herself, and when she spoke with other people, she always confidently said that if something like that happened to her, she would definitely be cut-throat and break things off there and then.

He didn't love her anymore, so what more did she want him to do?!

Chen Weiwan always thought that if something like that really happened to her, she would act without hesitation.

But after twenty-seven days, on the eleventh day "Jiuchong Palace" started shooting, March 31st, Han Zhifan visited the set as the main investor and unexpectedly bumped into her. At that moment, Cheng Weiwan realized she could be the cut-throat type. When Han Zhifan finished work and ran over to her to ask if she was free in the evening, Cheng Weiwan pretended that nothing happened, gently nodded at him and softly replied with her usual voice, "Yeah."