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Chapter 645: The Unruly Heart (5)

 Chapter 645: The Unruly Heart (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"I said tomorrow, so tomorrow it is."

Before Chen Bai could finish, He Jichen spoke again in a low but in clear voice. An intensely oppressive feeling came through and was mixed into his tone.

Chen Bai's heart quivered. All of a sudden, he didn't dare say too much and a hint of confusion came over his heart.

What's with Mr. He? He wants to speed up the production time for "Jiuchong Palace" and quickly buy up stocks for Qian Ge's studio ahead of time...

This was a different Mr. He from the one he knew. Although Mr. He often rushed the process, he never rushed it by this much... It was like He Jichen was afraid that if production was too slow, they wouldn't get it done at all.

The more Chen Bai thought about it, the more confused he was. He couldn't help but glance at He Jichen every now and then in the rearview mirror.

He Jichen was deep in thought as his sharp senses didn't notice Chen Bai's stares.

Chen Bai wasn't sure just how many times he looked up to sneakily check on He Jichen, but He Jichen, with his eyes shut, suddenly moved his lips again: "Chen Bai."

Chen Bai jumped in fright. He didn't allow his gaze to linger on He Jichen and averted his eyes to the road ahead. "Mr. He, I'm listening."

"Isn't Ji Yi interested in Huan Ying Entertainment? Their vice president asked for a price before and said they'd pay anything to have Ji Yi signed to their company..."

Chen Bai heard this and vaguely understood what He Jichen meant. He couldn't help but grip the steering wheel tightly. All of a sudden, he cut He Jichen off: "... Mr. He!"

It seemed like He Jichen hadn't heard Chen Bai's objections as he calmly kept his eyes shut. Then he continued to speak with a neutral voice. "... In the next two days, help me set up a meeting with the vice president. I want to talk to him."

Chen Bai stayed silent for a long time before making a sound. He didn't reply to He Jichen's orders but asked a question on his mind: "Mr. He, did you and Miss Ji get into some kind of misunderstanding?"

Chen Bai was met with complete silence.

Mr. He likes Miss Ji so much. Till this day, she is YC's only signed artist. Everything is done with her in mind, so why would he suddenly want to have her transferred to another company?

"Mr. He, even if Miss Ji made you angry, you can't sent her to another com-"

"Chen Bai," interrupted He Jichen once again.

This time, his tone of voice sounded a lot more serious.

Chen Bai instinctively slowed the car down and shifted most of his attention to He Jichen.

Behind him, He Jichen seemed to be forming his words as he stayed silent for some time before speaking. "... I hope that when I send Ji Yi away, you can go with her."

Chen Be hit the emergency brakes furiously.

He didn't even care that he stopped on a main road. He turned around in his seat to the piercing sounds of honking cars and stared at He Jichen. "Mr. He, am I doing something wrong? You want to send me away too?!"

"Mr. He, when I came to Beijing with you in the beginning, I said I'd never quit. You..."

"Chen Bai, I'm not firing you. I believe in you." Having kept his eyes shut the whole time, He Jichen finally opened his eyes and looked deeply into Chen Bai's eyes with a pleading look. "If it wasn't you, I'd worry if anyone else worked by Ji Yi's side."