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Chapter 640: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (43)

 Chapter 640: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (43)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen's steps stopped abruptly and he looked over at the direction of the noise.

The door to a nearby BMW opened before Qian Ge stepped out.

In contrast to the ever bright and beautiful-looking Qian Ge, she was dressed a lot more low-key today.

It had just been two days and nights since they parted ways in C city, but it felt like five years. Qian Ge looked a lot older and her skin wasn't glowing like before. Without eye makeup on, she looked a lot less energetic and she had dark eyebags that made it hard for him to look at her dead on. She must've not had a good night's sleep since the incident at the Television Awards.

Without waiting for Qian Ge to come closer, He Jichen coldly withdrew his gaze and started to walk towards his car again.

"He Jichen!" cried Qian Ge again.

This time, He Jichen didn't stop walking but he sensed the woman behind him speeding up. The sounds of their footsteps in the silent underground lot made them sound rushed.

"He Jichen, I have something to say to you!"

He Jichen walked up to his car and was about to pull the door open when Qian Ge's arm suddenly reached out to block him.

Something to say? She's probably just going to spew lies...

If it were any other day and he was in a better mood, maybe he would listen to her say a few words and shoot harsh insults back at her.

But not today. He had important things to do and he had no time to waste on her now!

Without a second thought, He Jichen reached out and shoved Qian Ge's arm away forcefully.

He Jichen pushed her so hard that Qian Ge took two steps back and stumbled into the car door behind her.

When He Jichen heard the noise, he didn't even bother glancing over and pulled open his car door.

He bent over and was about to crawl in when Qian Ge clutched onto his sleeve tightly. "He Jichen, I really do have something to talk to you about!"

In the past, when she was in the limelight, it was difficult even then to get ahold of He Jichen. Now that her reputation was in shambles and everyone was scolding her, the distance between them was even wider. The only way she was able to stop him today was because he hadn't expected her to be there.

Next time, this would be harder.

Qian Ge was afraid He Jichen would toss her aside the next second and leave. She didn't have time to explain, so she quickly pulled out her phone and opened a video. She then showed the video for He Jichen to see.

Having been stopped by Qian Ge again, He Jichen furrowed his brows and raised his arms impatiently. He was about to push Qian Ge away when he saw himself on her phone screen.

It was just a glance, but he could tell when and why that video of himself was taken.

He instantly stopped midway in pushing Qian Ge aside.

He stared unblinkingly at the video.

There was no sound in the video. Most people in the building had already finished work, so there were very few cars in the parking lot. With no one coming and going, the entire place was incredibly silent.

The video was short - just two minutes long. However, He Jichen felt like it was as long as a century.

After the video ended, Qian Ge put her phone away. "This is what I spent two days of hard work making."

He Jichen didn't say anything. The second he heard Qian Ge's voice, he pushed her off his arm.