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Chapter 632: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (35)

 Chapter 632: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (35)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"Mhm, yeah."

When she heard He Jichen's response, Ji Yi looked down as she was about to reached her hand out to shut the drawer, but then she saw it - two little red booklets.

Marriage Certificate...

Those were the two words on it. Ji Yi knew both of them, but when she put the two together, they repeatedly revolved around her mind for a bit before she understood what they meant.

All of a sudden, it felt like Ji Yi had lost her soul as she stared unflinchingly at the two red marriage certificates.

After responding to Ji Yi, He Jichen quickly looked back at the files in his hand.

As he read them, he was waiting for Ji Yi to bring over the other file. However, after having to wait for a while, he furrowed his brows and turned his head in confusion. He looked over at Ji Yi.

She stood in front of the desk with the document in her hand like a statue. She didn't move an inch while staring in the direction of the drawer.

She looked shocked and startled like she had just seen something unbelievable.

What's with her?

He Jichen furrowed his brows again and was about to ask Ji Yi "What's wrong?" but before the words could escape his mouth, he suddenly remembered what was in that drawer. Besides his files, their marriage certificate was also in there...

With that thought, the blood in He Jichen's body stopped flowing and an indescribable sense of horror and fear instantly enveloped him. A second later, he bolted up abruptly.

He got up so quickly that it shocked Chen Bai who was sitting opposite him.

Chen Bai looked up at He Jichen with a confused look on his face, but before he could ask "Mr. He?", He Jichen darted over to the desk and forcefully slammed the drawer closed that Ji Yi was staring at.

He looked like he was afraid of something. After he shut it, he also locked it, pulled the key out, and put it into his pocket.

His series of movements was unbelievably fast.

It didn't give Ji Yi any time to react at all.

After she snapped back to reality, the shock and panic disappeared from He Jichen's face like nothing had happened at all. "I'll be right there, wait a moment for me," he said in a calm voice.

Ji Yi's mind was still fixated on the two marriage certificates in the drawer. She hadn't quite come back to her senses, but she knew He Jichen was talking to her. What was he talking about though? She didn't know. All she did was absent-mindedly give a light nod.

He Jichen didn't make another sound as he stared at Ji Yi for a while. He took the file in her hands and walked back to the sofa.

He Jichen flipped through his own file and spoke with Chen Bai for approximately five minutes. Standing beside the desk, Ji Yi then walked back to the sofa and sat down.

It was now nightfall. Outside the window, the sun had set in the west and the red glow filtered through the tall windows and illuminated half the room in red.

Ji Yi stared at the beautiful scenery out the window for a while. Her mind went blank for a long time before she finally realized.

Marriage certificate... is it He Jichen's? Is he married? Who's he married to?

Ji Yi didn't know how long she was in shock for when a gentle touch landed on her shoulder.

She turned her head back and realized it was just her and He Jichen left in the big office.

"It's almost dinner time. What do you want to eat?"

She was sluggish for a few seconds before Ji Yi finally shook her head.