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Chapter 625: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (28)

 Chapter 625: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (28)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As He Jichen walked over to the desk, he added, "Is there anything you think needs changing?"

"Wanwan's scripts are always high-quality. There isn't anything that needs changing, but I actually think they could add another part to improve the tempo and atmosphere during shooting..."

As Ji Yi said this, she started looking for the part she was referring to.

"I think you can add some drama here..." Ji Yi found the part where she first had the idea then carefully started to describe her ideas to He Jichen.

He Jichen didn't interrupt Ji Yi but let her continue speaking. He waited until she finished before he repeated her idea back to her.

He was probably afraid he'd forget, so he stood behind Ji Yi as he repeated it and he typed it out to create a record of her suggestions.

With He Jichen positioned like that, this happened to place Ji Yi in his arms.

The unique scent of his body instantly rushed into Ji Yi's nostrils and stifled her breathing. She started to feel shaky as she stared at the computer.

"You have to add some drama here..." said He Jichen softly as his long, slender fingers reached over Ji Yi's body and his fingers started to quickly dance over the keyboard.

"Also, the drama here can be simplified slightly... Also, here. We could make this line a little funnier..."

At first, Ji Yi could still hear what He Jichen was saying, but with her in his arms like that for so long, her mind grew sluggish and she started to tune out.

His voice sounded good - it sounded far more deadly than the internet's best male voice actor. His beautiful fingers also looked more exquisite than a pianist's. The scent of his body smelled so good. She didn't know what brand of shower gel he used, but it let off the faint smell of jasmine; it smelled infinitely light and captivating...

Ji Yi thought about this and couldn't help but look up at the monitor as He Jichen spoke. She focused on his notes.

He looked like he was really paying attention to his work and was immersed in deep thought. He looked quite profound and gave off an unreadable sense of mystery.

Ji Yi stared and stared as she couldn't help but feel captivated.

She didn't even notice her lips had curved into a slight smile.

If... if time could stop with the two of us in this very moment, how great would that be...

"Did I forget anything?" asked He Jichen as he typed up his notes, moved the cursor and read through the red words.

Lost in thought, Ji Yi's heart shivered suddenly at his question then she withdrew her gaze from He Jichen in a panic. As she had been glancing at the computer screen, she didn't catch his main point, so she shook her head. "Nope."

He Jichen looked through the notes from start to end again to see if he really had forgotten anything. Then he removed his hand on the mouse and straightened up.

But he only managed to straighten up half-way as he felt a force pulling on his chest then came a light scream of pain "AH--"by Ji Yi.

He Jichen hurriedly stopped what he was doing, looked down and realized Ji Yi's hair had caught onto a button on his chest.