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Chapter 622: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (25)

 Chapter 622: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (25)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"But your hand..."

Chen Bai was probably still worried as he spoke again. However, before he could finish, he was interrupted by He Jichen's impatient voice, "... I told you. It's not serious."

Chen Bai was probably afraid of He Jichen getting angry, so he didn't say anything more.

Ji Yi heard rustling from the other side and figured Chen Bai was tidying up the files.

After some time, she heard Chen Bai's voice again. "Mr. He, I'll take my leave now. Goodbye."

"Mm," responded He Jichen softly, who sounded a little half-hearted. Then she heard Chen Bai's footsteps leaving. Thereafter, He Jichen fell into silence.

After about two minutes had passed, He Jichen said, "Finished eating?"

"Yeah," replied Ji Yi, who finally remembered she was still holding her chopsticks. She put them down and was about to ask about the wound on He Jichen's hand, but she suddenly remembered something and paused.

A few seconds later, Ji Yi said, "I suddenly remembered I still have some business to attend to, so I'll give you a call later."

With that reply, Ji Yi hung up the video chat, kicked the chair from behind her and ran back up to the bedroom.

She stepped into the bathroom and washed her face at lightning speed then ran over to the dressing table. In front of the mirror, she did her makeup real quick, put on lipstick, then ran over to the wardrobe. She chose a few pieces of clothing in a split-second then draped a couple outfits in front of her body in the mirror for a while before picking out a big red cardigan. After putting on a beige jacket, she hurriedly ran out of the bedroom. She grabbed her phone and purse then walked over to the entrance, put on her shoes and walked out the door.

After leaving her residential area, Ji Yi first took a turn into the 24-hour pharmacy. She bought two packs of band-aids then walked over to the sidewalk to catch a taxi.

Upon reaching He Jichen's apartment building, Ji Yi paid the taxi fare then walked in.

She stepped into the elevator and waited for it to go up before pulling out her phone and calling He Jichen.

When the elevator stopped on He Jichen's floor, her call happened to go through.

The elevator door opened and Ji Yi stepped out as she said into the phone, "Open the door."

"Mm?" asked He Jichen in return, not quite registering what was happening.

"I said, open the door," repeated Ji Yi as she reached her hand out to press the doorbell.

Soon enough, Ji Yi heard footsteps coming from the other side of the door.

As the footsteps drew closer to the door, Ji Yi's heart felt a tinge of anxiety for some reason.

The door opened and Ji Yi saw He Jichen in a complete loungewear set.

Unbelievably nervous, Ji Yi tightly clutched the bag of band-aids as she handed it to He Jichen and explained, "I was a little bloated after dinner, so I thought I should take a walk. When I passed the pharmacy, I turned into it and bought two packs of band-aids and figured I might as well come over and give them to you."

Ji Yi's house is over ten kilometers away. It would've taken about twenty minutes by car to get here.

Her walk was quite a long one...

He Jichen didn't expose Ji Yi's lie. He reached his hand out and took the bag in Ji Yi's hands. "Thank you."