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Chapter 619: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (22)

 Chapter 619: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (22)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_


After dinner at China World Hotel, Beijing, Zhuang Yi took Ji Yi home just like He Jichen asked and obediently sent him a text to tell him that she was safely home.

After the text went through, Ji Yi waited ten minutes but didn't get a reply from He Jichen. She figured he must've been busy handling the urgent situation from earlier, so she went to the bathroom.

After she freshened up and changed into pajamas, she laid in bed and glanced over at her phone again, only to see that He Jichen still hadn't replied to her message.

A tinge of disappointment came over Ji Yi's heart as she instinctively wanted to ask He Jichen to send her another message. However, as soon as she tapped the screen, she remembered that He Jichen had urgent business to attend to, so she didn't disturb him. Deep down, she was torn for a little while then suddenly she remembered that ever since the incident at the Television Awards, she hadn't had time to check Weibo. She exited He Jichen's message window and opened Weibo.

The top trending topic was about her: #SorryJiYi#.

The second and third were about Qian Ge.

Netizens who had been recently cursing her out wee now doing the same to Qian Ge. Oh, wait... As Ji Yi browsed through the comments, she shook her head on the inside... Actually now, they were cursing Qian Ge out ten times harsher than they did to her.

In contrast to the label they gave her, "plagiarizing b*tch," people online were now calling Qian Ge all kinds of names like "plagiarizing b*tch," "scheming b*tch," "green tea b*tch"... there wasn't a name you could think of that the netizens hadn't used.

The incident at last night's Television Awards pushed the whole her "plagiarizing" Qian Ge scandal to the top.

Everyone in the country knew they wrongly blamed Ji Yi and ran to her Weibo to apologize and followed her in support of her performance in "The Tempestuous Grand Tang."

No matter if it was following her Weibo or commenting or liking her posts, she had broken a new record; even the ratings for "The Tempestuous Grand Tang" last night almost broke the record from last year's hottest drama, "Three Thousand Lunatics."

In contrast to the "glory" she felt now, Qian Ge's Weibo was evidently more negative. Perhaps she received far too many hate comments because she eventually disabled the comments section.

Four years ago, Ji Yi secretly hid her anger from Qian Ge since that car accident, but it wasn't until now that she was able to release half of that anger. Ji Yi had to admit she wasn't exactly innocent; she was so happy about Qian Ge's poor reputation and misfortunes that she even relished and admired the haters' mean comments about her.

Ji Yi didn't get enough sleep last night. Even though she made up for her lost sleep on the plane, she had a dream about He Jichen, so she didn't manage to sleep well. She stared and stared at Weibo until sleepiness hit her. She slipped into sleep without even noticing.

It was already nine in the evening when she woke.

Ji Yi's phone was by her ear, so she glanced over to see that He Jichen had sent her a reply about an hour ago. "My phone ran out of battery in the afternoon."

So He Jichen didn't reply to her for some time because his phone was switched off...

Ji Yi's mood was particularly good perhaps because she finally got He Jichen's message, so her fingers seemed evidently more energetic typing on the screen: "I just woke up."

"Still haven't had dinner?" replied He Jichen swiftly.

Ji Yi stepped out of the room and opened the thermal lunch box. She took out the dinner her mum prepared for her, took a photo, sent it to He Jichen, then replied, "Just about to go eat."