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Chapter 612: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (15)

 Chapter 612: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (15)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Han Zhifan was the baby's dad. He had the right to know the baby existed.

What's more, last night, he asked her if she wanted to marry him. After she said yes, he even kissed her tenderly... Deep down inside, he sincerely wanted to marry her, right?

He and she were destined to be together anyway. Now that they were going to have a baby, it'd just fast track their lives, that was all.

So, I really don't have to feel so uneasy. What's more, Han Zhifan likes me so much that my pregnancy will come as great news!

With that thought, Cheng Weiwan's heart gradually calmed down.

It might be too hasty to just simply call or text Han Zhifan over such a life-changing event like being pregnant. She had nothing to say that afternoon after she finished the script for "Jiuchong Palace" anyway, and she hadn't dropped by Han Zhifan's office for half a year now, so she figured she might as well drop by. While she was there, she could tell him the news...

Having made up her mind, Cheng Weiwan didn't stay in the washroom cubicle for long. She left the hospital and called for a car on her phone.

When she reached the hospital doors, her taxi happened to arrive. Cheng Weiwan pulled open the car door and sat inside then gave the taxi driver Han Zhifan's office address. She then stared out at the bright sunlight outside. Her mind couldn't help but picture her, Han Zhifan, and their baby's future.

Han Zhifan had such a great temper that he'd never blown up at her even after being with her for over a year, so he'd treat their baby well, right?

He was very patient when she first wrote the script, and when there was something she didn't understand, he would go to the library with her to do research and make notes. When their baby grew up, he'd definitely spend lots of time teaching and nurturing the child, right?

When they went out, he never let her carry her handbag, so he'd definitely carry their baby a lot...

The image she envisioned was like a fantasy that slowly made the corners of her lips curve into a smile.

Her hand naturally stroked her abdomen. As she fantasized about their future life, she couldn't help but start to think of names for the new baby.


After a lot of effort, Ji Yi composed herself and cleared her throat while staring at her reflection in the mirror. When she was sure she wasn't going to lose her cool again, she pulled open the bathroom door and stepped out.

She sat back down beside He Jichen and fastened her seatbelt just as the announcement for the plane landing was played from every corner of the plane.

Twenty minutes later, the plane safely landed at the city airport.

Coming out of the airport, the three of them headed straight for the underground car park.

Just as Ji Yi looked for He Jichen's car out of habit, a business car stopped in front of the three of them.

Huh? Isn't this the minivan the company arranged for me?

In the midst of Ji Yi's confusion, the car window rolled down, revealing Zhuang Yi's face. "Mr. He, Xiao Yi, Assistant Chen."

It's no wonder He Jichen and Chen Bai didn't drive on their business trip - they called Zhuang Yi to pick us up?

That thought just crossed Ji Yi's mind when He Jichen, who was standing next to her, reached out and pulled the car door open for her. He looked like he had no intention of getting in the car. He turned his head and said, "I have some business to attend to, so I can't take you home. Chen Bai called Zhuang Yi here to pick you up."

So Zhuang Yi is here to pick me up... Suddenly, Ji Yi felt a little regret and let out a gentle "Oh."