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Chapter 611: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (13)

 Chapter 611: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (13)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Cheng Weiwan's face flushed at Han Zhifan's words and she silently buried her head in Han Zhifan's chest.

Han Zhifan's fingers found her chin. He lifted her head up and he stared into her eyes. He asked, "What? Don't want to marry me?"

Cheng Weiwan's face became even redder, but this time, she didn't hide her shyness. She softly replied, "I want to. I dream about marrying you."

Han Zhifan looked like he heard the happiest thing as a tender look appeared in his smiling eyes. He lowered his head and kissed Cheng Weiwan's forehead. Then he turned his head and his eyes turned cold so Cheng Weiwan couldn't see. "I'm not sure about next Wednesday, but if I have time, I'll definitely go."

Cheng Weiwan smiled as her head nestled into the curve of Han Zhifan's arm. Not long after, she fell asleep.

That evening, Cheng Weiwan dreamed of a fat, white steamed meat bun climbing into her embrace. It reached its little cute hand out, grabbed her hair and played with it.

When she woke, it was bright outside. Han Zhifan left to go to the company, so the other half of the bed was empty.

Cheng Weiwan laid around in bed for a while before she climbed out of bed then realized there was a tiny speck of blood.

Cheng Weiwan's first thought was that her period came. However she had a sanitary towel on until the afternoon, yet there was no blood.

In the afternoon, she had to go to a script meeting at YC. Xiao Wang from the script team ordered KFC, but she didn't eat any of it. The smell of KFC alone made her stomach churn, so she held her breath as she rushed into the restroom and started to gag.

When the vomiting stopped, Cheng Weiwan gargled her mouth then went to the toilet. She casually checked her sanitary towel and realized it was still clean.

So I'm not on my period? Why did I bleed?

Cheng Weiwan didn't know why, but she thought back to yesterday's dream then she remembered... Her period hadn't come for two months now...

Since she was young, she had been influenced by her father and was well-educated in the medical field. She was quick to understand what was going on with her.

She was probably pregnant.

Last night, she and Han Zhifan were a little rough, so it must've affected the baby, making her bleed a little.

Although Cheng Weiwan was pretty sure nothing really happened, she made an appointment online when she went home that night, just to make sure.

The next morning at seven, Cheng Weiwan left her home for the hospital.

She checked in, lined up, and waited for the results. After going through a series of procedures, it was already half past twelve in the afternoon.

It was just as she guessed - she really was pregnant.

Though Cheng Weiwan already had an answer yesterday, after seeing the results, she was completely flustered by the truth. As she came out of the doctor's office, Cheng Weiwan immediately went to the restroom and hid in a cubicle. She stared at the results as the big news sank in.

She and Han Zhifan had been together for a year. Aside from last night when Han Zhifan asked if she wanted to marry him, he had never mentioned their future, marriage, or life plans.

She did secretly feel a little hurt, but she thought about how well Han Zhifan treated her and thought that maybe Han Zhifan just wanted to take things slowly and let things happen naturally.

She wasn't ready to be a mum, but the pregnancy came about so suddenly. She couldn't not have the baby...