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Chapter 607: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (10)

 Chapter 607: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

It was Chen Bai who told He Jichen the news.

He Jichen was used to opening his eyes before seven in the morning.

He sat up and leaned against the headboard. With his phone in hand while reading news on finance, he got out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

After he freshened up and got dressed, He Jichen glanced at the time. It was just past eight o'clock. He thought about letting Ji Yi sleep for half an hour more before waking her up for breakfast, so he walked over to the desk and turned on his laptop.

Just as he was going to register his fingerprint and go to the home screen, a knock came at his hotel room door.

He opened the door to see that it was Chen Bai. He looked distressed and apprehensive.

Even though he didn't say anything, He Jichen knew something happened. He gently furrowed his brows and let him in. After Chen Bai stepped in, He Jichen asked, "Did something happen?"

Chen Bai hesitated for a good moment before speaking.

As each and every word traveled into He Jichen's ears, his calm and composed expression turned cold.

After Chen Bai finished speaking, the gloomy look on He Jichen's face looked like a storm cloud.

Chen Bai knew this side of He Jichen was the most dangerous and life-threatening.

In all these years, every time he saw He Jichen like this, he didn't dare take a breath and his legs went weak.

The room fell silent for a long time before He Jichen's frozen voice was heard: "Is the info accurate?"

"Absolutely," replied Chen Bai. After some time, he was afraid He Jichen didn't believe him, so Chen Bai added, "Their people said it themselves, so it can't be wrong."

He Jichen fell silent again, but the coldness on his face spread to the deepest parts of his eyes.

Chen Bai waited for a while, but seeing as He Jichen didn't make a sound, he feebly moved his lips, "He..."

"Book the flight!" He Jichen instantly cried, "Back to Beijing!"

"Yes," Chen Bai immediately pulled out his phone and booked their flights like a robot.

When Chen Bai received the reservation confirmation on his phone, he said, "Mr. He, the flights are booked. The flight is for eleven am."

He Jichen didn't say anything. His expression looked terrifying.

Chen Bai said, "It's already half past eight, and we're a little far from the airport. We should head out at half past nine at the latest, so should I get a hotel attendant to wake Miss Ji?"

Perhaps it was because he mentioned "Miss Ji" that He JIchen's eyes softened slightly and he pursed the corners of his lips, revealing his annoyance.

He gently nodded. Just as Chen Bai walked over to the phone and was about to call the front desk, He Jichen added, "Get breakfast ready and bring it into the car."

Last night, after Ji Yi fled He Jichen's room, she laid in bed, thinking only about their kiss. She wasn't able to sleep until almost five in the morning.

After just three and half hours of sleep, she was woken up by a phone call. She had a splitting headache, but she was afraid of holding up He Jichen and Chen Bai, so she climbed out of bed.

They said they'd meet at half past nine in the first-floor lobby.

At twenty past nine, He Jichen and Chen Bai were already there.

From the moment Chen Bai told He Jichen about the news, He Jichen had been suppressing his anger down.