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Chapter 603: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (6)

 Chapter 603: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"Jichen..." Xia Yuan's voice came from the phone again.

"Mm, I'm here." He Jichen let go of Ji Yi's foot and looked like he was going to get up.

It looks like it's serious. Is he going to continue talking about marriage with Xia Yuan?

Then my little trick went to waste and the pain in my big toe was for nothing too?

Just when Ji Yi felt like she was at a loss, she heard Xia Yuan's voice from He Jichen's phone again. "Jichen, you still haven't answered my question..."

Following Xia Yuan's voice, Ji Yi glanced over at He Jichen's phone screen.

Xia Yuan was wearing a low top and deliberately had her phone up high so He Jichen could see half her snowy-white breasts on camera.

This isn't just a video chat - she's clearly trying to seduce him with her body too?!

Ji Yi forced down the urge to reach out and end the call. She looked over at He Jichen.

He was standing tall with a flat expression on his face, looking at the phone screen.

Ji Yi's intuition told her that He Jichen was looking at Xia Yuan's breasts... It was true - men were all natural perverts... He Jichen looked so majestic on the surface, but in his bones, he couldn't escape the temptation of beauty... With the temptation of breasts, He Jichen might just have a lapse and really agree to marry Xia Yuan...

"Wait a moment. I'll come back after I finish chatting," Ji Yi heard He Jichen say in the midst of all her wild thoughts.

What did he mean by finish chatting? Is he talking about the engagement?

"Chen Chen..." Without thinking, Ji Yi blurted out the nickname she just made up for He Jichen on the spot.

On the verge of leaving, He Jichen suddenly stopped on the spot.

"Jichen, how about I call you later?"

Later? When I leave He Jichen's room? They're going to get rid of me, this obstacle, so they can have a good chat?

In your dreams... Ji Yi's eyes turned gloomy as she racked her brain over how she could stop Xia Yuan and He Jichen's call. Oh, no - He Jichen suddenly said, "Mm, okay."

Mm? Okay? Does this mean he's agreeing to video chat with Xia Yuan again later?

With that thought, Ji Yi bolted up and took advantage of the fact that He Jichen was still on the call with Xia Yuan. She suddenly reached her hand out, pulled on He Jichen's hand, stopped him from hanging up, and quickly thought of a plan of what to do next.

"Alright, Jichen. Good..."

Xia Yuan already said goodbye to He Jichen... There was no time left... Then two thoughts crossed Ji Yi's mind and a sudden impulse came over her. Under the pressing circumstances, she couldn't care less about the consequences anymore. She abruptly walked up and kissed He Jichen's face right in front of the video chat.

He Jichen's body instantly stiffened up.

Xia Yuan didn't manage to get out her final word, "bye."

The room temporarily slipped into silence.

Ji Yi's lips were glued onto He Jichen's lips for a moment when she heard Xia Yuan's angry and hurt voice, "Jichen..."

Can't she see we're kissing? Why's she still crying for He Jichen?!

The next second, Ji Yi reached her tongue out, prying He Jichen's lips apart.