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Chapter 601: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (4)

 Chapter 601: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Seeing as nobody picked up, the caller gave up. After a few seconds, He Jichen's phone vibrated again.

After He Jichen saw who was calling, he didn't even glance at the screen and let it vibrate non-stop.

The phone stopped vibrating then started again and continued like this about four to five times. Ji Yi couldn't help but raise her brows and glance at He Jichen's phone screen to see a familiar name: Xia Yuan.

Ji Yi only met her once at the end-of-production party for "Three Thousand Lunatics." She came all the way to Shanghai from Sucheng just to give He Jichen a surprise. Then she even went upstairs with He Jichen and stayed in his room for some time.

That night, she only ended up sleeping with He Jichen because of her.

Xia Yuan liked He Jichen, right? She didn't need to say it aloud - it was obvious that night... So even though He Jichen wasn't picking up, she was still persistent in calling him?

A sense of jealousy arose in Ji Yi's heart. Thankfully, He Jichen had no intention of picking up Xia Yuan's call. That sense of bitterness fermented in her chest for a while but ended up disappearing.

Xia Yuan called non-stop.

Just as Ji Yi was about to finish her dinner, He Jichen's phone vibrated again. Even though Ji Yi knew who was calling, she still glanced over at He Jichen's phone which was vibrating "zzt zzt zzt." This time, the display didn't show "Xia Yuan" but "Mrs. He."

Mrs. He... when we were younger, He Jichen liked to call He Bomu "Mrs. He"... so it's He Jichen's mum calling?

Ji Yi glanced at He Jichen, who was reading documents, and told him, "He Jichen, your mum called."

When He Jichen heard this, he averted his gaze from the documents to his phone screen.

So it's mum calling... He Jichen put the documents down, picked up the phone, and answered the call.

Before he could put the phone to his ear, he heard a sickly sweet voice: "Jichen, why didn't you pick up my call?"

The room was very quiet. Even though she wasn't on speakerphone, Ji Yi could still clearly hear the conversation.

It wasn't He Bomu's voice. It was Xia Yuan...

He Jichen, who was also taken aback, said, "Why's it you?"

"Who told you to not pick up my call! All I could do was use He Bomu's phone to call you..." As Xia Yuan's voice rang in his ear, He Jichen's brows furrowed fiercely. He raised his head and glanced at Ji Yi then got up and walked over to the window.

It's so late. Why's Xia Yuan calling He Jichen with He Bomu's phone?

Unless He Bomu likes Xia Yuan and wants her to be her daughter-in-law?

With that thought, Ji Yi's ears perked up.

Now that He Jichen was some distance away, Ji Yi couldn't hear the voice on the phone.

And He Jichen spoke quietly with his back turned to her, so she couldn't quite hear anything clearly.

All Ji Yi could do was stretch her neck out and look over in He Jichen's direction.

Not long after, He Jichen lowered the phone from his ear.

It looked like He Jichen didn't really want to bother with Xia Yuan and just said a few words...