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Chapter 599: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (2)

 Chapter 599: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi listened to what He Jichen said and without thinking it over, she blurted out, "I want to sleep with you..."

After waving his hand in front of Ji Yi's face, He Jichen felt his phone vibrate, so his fingers dove into his pocket.

When he fished out his phone and raised it to eye-level, Ji Yi's words, "I want to sleep with you" drifted into his ears before he could unlock the phone screen and glance at the message notification.

He Jichen paused for a moment then realized what those six words meant. The back of his hand froze and the strength in his hand suddenly dissipated, causing his phone to slip out of his hand and crash onto the desk with a loud "bang!"

The shock snapped Ji Yi back to her senses. She blinked and shot a glance at He Jichen's face then realized what she just said to him while in her daydream state.

Ji Yi's eyes suddenly shot wide open.

When He Jichen asked what she was thinking, she happened to be reminiscing about the night they spent together in Shanghai. At that very moment, she stared at He Jichen's unbuttoned shirt and had an urge to tear it off... But even so, she couldn't honestly admit what was really on her mind to He Jichen!

Ji Yi suddenly became flustered as her pupils darted around wildly for some time before she spoke again. "No-no-no-no... It's like this - I misspoke! What I really meant was that I-I remembered sleeping with you in Shanghai..."

As Ji Yi said this, she suddenly shut her mouth and wanted nothing more than to bite off her tongue.

What the hell was that?! Even if I wanted to explain myself, I can't just fess up to what I was actually thinking about just now...

Ji Yi didn't dare look at He Jichen and she instinctively continued to explain herself: "...He Jichen, I was just joking with you. Like I've got nothing better to do... why would I think about our night in Shanghai..."

My god... Do I have no filter at all?

There are cheats and liars, but what about people trying to dig themselves into a hole?

I'm not explaining myself properly! I'm just digging a ditch for myself...

Ji Yi had the urge to cry at her stupidity, and she wanted nothing more than to hide in a crack in the ground. What's more, I could've just bolted out of here... but if I really did run, how awkward would it be the next time we meet?

With that thought, all Ji Yi could do was force herself to continue to sit in the chair and put on a bold face as she spoke to He Jichen again, "I really didn't think about that night in Shanghai. What I meant by what I said was..."

Having never thought about how to smooth things over, Ji Yi was stuck after she said this.

The more stuck she was, the more impatient she felt inside and the more chaotic her thoughts were. The more frantic she felt, the more she couldn't think of anything to say, so her gaze wandered all around the room, trying to find some inspiration. As a result, her gaze shot past He Jichen's room and to the bedroom door. When she saw the big bed, her mind suddenly sparked like she thought of a brilliant way to explain herself. Her eyes lit up as she raised her head and met He Jichen's eyes. "...I want to sleep in your bed tonight!" she cried.

As soon as she said it, Ji Yi stared in shock at He Jichen.

Am I-I-I trying to smooth things over?

I'm just adding fuel to the fire!

What the hell was "I want to sleep in your bed tonight"?!