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Chapter 587: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (47)

 Chapter 587: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (47)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen still didn't say anything.

Qian Ge didn't wait and swiftly asked a new question, "What in the hell did you say to her for her to betray me?"

He Jichen continued to ignore Qian Ge. This time, he didn't stand still, but he raised his foot and walked towards the car.

Seeing as He Jichen was walking, Chen Bai immediately followed suit.

Just as He Jichen was about to brush past Qian Ge, she spoke again. "I came to see you for no other reason. I want to know the answer already!"

"I can't figure it out! I treated Li Yaoyao so well. I practically bought her gifts every month, and I gave her so much money. I just can't figure out why she would betray me! I just want to know why she would do this?!"

"So, He Jichen... can't you tell me why?"

"Tell you why?" He Jichen looked like he just heard a joke as he suddenly chuckled. His feet hadn't come to a stop as he sounded completely insulted. "I'm so confused... Where'd you get the impression that I would ever tell you?"

Qian Ge's body trembled in response to He Jichen's rudeness and her hands balled into fists. She stood there for a moment, turned around, stared at He Jichen's back and cried, "Because I don't want to die not knowing. I came to see you so I can die knowing the truth!"

"Heh..." a cold laugh escaped He Jichen's mouth. He stopped in his tracks and shot Qian Ge a look of disdain. "You want to die knowing, do you? I'm not interested in letting you die knowing the truth!"

After he said this, He Jichen withdrew his gaze and raised his feet, ready to take a step towards the car. All of a sudden, he remembered something and paused. With his back turned to Qian Ge, he spoke without looking at her: "Don't you think that deep down, you know why?"

"You treated Li Yaoyao so well, so why did she betray you back then? Let me ask you - did Ji Yi ever treat you badly? No? Why did you betray her then?!"

"Actually, I had other ways of ruining you, but do you know why I chose this way?"

"Because I told you before - for every ordeal you made Ji Yi suffer, I would give you a taste of that medicine! Didn't you trust Li Yaoyao?" As He Jichen said this, an intense aura emanated from his body. "So I was going to give you a taste of being betrayed by someone you trusted!"

"It doesn't feel good, does it?"

"But don't you worry. Today's not the end of it. You thought your reputation being ruined in showbiz would be the end of it? Let me tell you, that's impossible!"

"One of these days, I'll make you regret ever betraying Ji Yi, ever messing with Ji Yi!"

After he said this, He Jichen shot Chen Bai a look.

Chen Bai immediately understood He Jichen's meaning and took two steps forward to pull the car door open.

"Oh yeah..." He Jichen was just about to get into the car when he stopped again. "I didn't actually want to waste my breath on you, but you came to me, so if I didn't say a few words or slap you hard on the face, you would've wasted all that time waiting here in the cold, right?"

Qian Ge's face instantly turned pale white. Tears began to well up in her eyes again.

She thought he finished speaking, so she never imagined he would continue, "Also, do you know why I chose to expose you today? Because today's her birthday..."