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Chapter 581: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (41)

 Chapter 581: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (41)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As her voice dropped, the female celebrity only just realized she accidentally said something she shouldn't have. She hurriedly raised her hand to cover her mouth then turned her head and looked at Qian Ge beside her.

If Qian Ge really didn't understand why Li Yaoyao kept their selfies together and recorded their conversations before, she knew now after the video of the variety show finished playing. She instantly understood that Li Yaoyao, the person she always thought had worked for her, actually hadn't been from the very beginning!

Because Li Yaoyao wasn't even on set that day when they were recording the variety show, so she couldn't have taken that video.

But that video was on her phone, which meant she betrayed her a long time ago!

Which also showed that when she asked for her phone, the only reason why she looked timid and didn't dare give her the phone wasn't because she wanted to help her. She just didn't want to raise suspicion, to better lure her and make her believe there was nothing on her phone...

So, Qian Ge solemnly believed she could take down Ji Yi, but instead, she was overly clever and ended up becoming the biggest help in clearing Ji Yi's name?!

Ji Yi had been attacked by everyone for over ten days. She was so pitiful and innocent.

With the truth now out about the whole plagiarizing incident, the netizens who used to horribly attack Ji Yi now felt incredibly guilty. This way, everyone not only deeply remembered Ji Yi but also supported her out of guilt...

After pushing Ji Yi down to hell with much difficulty, Li Yaoyao's phone brought Qian Ge down from heaven to hell and made Ji Yi the idol the nation felt guilty over.

I asked Li Yaoyao help me, but Li Yaoyao ended up ruining all my hard work and dedication these past few years!

At that thought, Qian Ge's eyes suddenly started to redden as she glared at Li Yaoyao. Disregarding the live cameras and her well-kept image, she charged up to Li Yaoyao and chucked the microphone right at her head. "B*tch, you betrayed me!"

Qian Ge came up to her so unexpectedly and the microphone landed so hard on Li Yaoyao's head that the only thing that could be heard was a squeal as she covered her head and crouched down.

Yet Qian Ge showed no signs of going easy on her. She raised her high heels and stomped on Li Yaoyao.

Everyone on the scene never imagined that Qian Ge would suddenly hit someone, so quite a few people bolted up from their seats.

The security guards were quick to hold Qian Ge back. She must've been fuming as she flexed her legs, wanting to stomp on Li Yaoyao again. However, she was dragged off by the security guards quickly.

Unable to hit her, Qian Ge became even more violent as her cussing became hard on the ears. "Li Yaoyao, you little b*tch! I gave you so much money and you actually plotted behind my back..."

"Betray?" Standing at the corner of the stage, Chen Bai had been waiting all along for Qian Ge to answer his question. The moment he realized it was time to take another stab, he immediately brought the mic to his mouth and cried, "Miss Qian Ge said 'betray.' Does that mean Miss Qian Ge admits Miss Li Yaoyao and yourself worked together to sabotage Ji Yi?"

The cursing from Qian Ge's mouth suddenly came to a stop.

I-I actually lost it and said "betray"?